The Story Of Kaadubeesanahalli Badminton Club

Kaadubeesanahalli Badminton Club was a mere idea before it bloomed into a club that has 90 players making efforts to play every day. The man behind the idea is Mr. Sudhakar who started playing Badminton with 3-4 people and later the club expanded.

We had a quick chat with Mr. Sudhakar and Ms. Preethi (Chief Admin) and here’s what they had to say:

1. Since when are you playing Badminton?

Sudhakar: “The 1st time, I started playing Badminton was on 2018 January. Prior to that, I haven’t seen or heard of Badminton much.”

Preethi- “Though I heard about Badminton earlier, I was very caught up with my routine. I started playing in June 2018 and then never looked back.”

2. What other sports did you play apart from Badminton?

Sudhakar: “As a child, I grew up playing Cricket and Carrom but now I play Badminton for 4 hours. I enjoy playing Badminton as much I love playing Cricket.”

Preethi- “When I was in school, I played Badminton, Volleyball and Throwball. Now, I play everyday. I love the sport a lot now.”

3. Has Badminton now turned into a passion from a hobby?S

Preethi- “Since childhood, I have been playing Badminton but now I play regularly and I love the game so much that it’s turned into my passion.”

4. Since when did you have KBC on mind?

Sudhakar: “I didn’t have KBC always on my mind, I just got 2-3 people together to play and later they got more people. Though now, I think, we should have more and more people to play.”

5. What is KBC’s main goal?

Sudhakar: “Like minded people should play together is my only thought for KBC.”

Preethi- “KBC’s main goal is to promote the spirit of badminton and to improve individuals fitness. Also to socialize the like-minded people.”

6. How did your friends and family react to it?

Sudhakar: “My brother plays Badminton as a hobby. They didn’t agree to it first but now, they feel good to see so many people playing in Greenfield. The people who made KBC.

Preethi: “My family is my great support. My husband is a sportsperson and also a fitness freak so he is extremely happy about me playing badminton so regularly! “

7. What were the hurdles you faced while making the group?

Sudhakar: “Initially, there were people who asked why do we need this group and that people may not join, we are wasting time and money but then people started joining later, that cleared a lot of doubts and started making a way itself.”

Preethi: “Few people were already in other groups so they felt hesitant to join, since we kept the group active and also we conduct activities systematically, now people ask us personally to add them into the group.”

8. How does it feel to be a part of such an amazing group?

Preethi: “It’s a great pleasure to be a part of this group because I have improved my game as we conduct and participate in the tournaments regularly. Also, I have got many friends here. We are like family. It is such an active and jovial group. It’s a great joy altogether.”

9. What do you believe is the future of KBC?

Preethi: “KBC should grow wider n bigger as the time passes by. It should be a great platform for people who love playing badminton.”

Sudhakar: “Every month we held tournaments, for every skill set. We do prize function to fill courage in them. This is the future of KBC, more people who believe in the sport and want to improve everyday.”

10. What would be your message to people who haven’t started playing yet?

Sudhakar: “Fitness and mental health are two most important aspects of our life. If something is improving both then you should go for it.

11. What are your thoughts about Playo?

Preethi: “Playo is a great platform for all of us here in KBC because we all met the people and formed a group. Without Playo today KBC wouldn’t have grown this big. Playo has improved our social life and also fitness to a great extent so, we all are always thankful to team Playo.”



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