Swimming is one of the stamina increasing exercises that is of great importance.

trying to become a better swimmer

Swimming is an art and everyone who learns swimming wish to be a good swimmer.

If adopted in daily routine, one can have many advantages and feel active whole day. Swimming has been a great activity for ages of all people and can be learned at the various skill level.

How to become a good swimmer for every skill level-

Being a Beginner:

When it comes about the beginning, swimming has to begin with a mindset to learn and give up all fears about swimming. Having a group of friend to join swimming might be a better option – as you might feel free to swim with them and get encouragement to see them swimming.

A swim teacher teaching how to swim to a kid.

Training coach might give you some tight lesson but your friends would help you to make it practical in a simpler way.

Being an intermediate:

When we know swimming but have not made it a habit due to irregularity, the best idea is to join a swimming club or a gym that has a swimming pool. Joining such places might bring you to join some people that have never given up attitude to become a genuine swimmer.

a person trying to swim with a board

Such people would inspire you to do your best and have healthy competition to swim and perform better.

Advanced Swimmer:

advanced swimmer swimming

Perfection is not a limit, you might know how to swim but performing it at various level requires the know-how of format.

Rules and regulation are important for every event, be it a local or a national event. Coaches are the person who moulds you for such events.

They help you to perform under vigorous schedules and record your day by daytime and compare your today’s performance with yesterday.

Swimming basics:

Swimming is an art and an individual should know about various steps involved in it. Exercise that warm up your body before swimming must be done so that your muscles are pumped up.

Breathing in and out of the water, recording your laps and learn to flip underwater might help you to win the swimming competition.

Swimming suits aid your body for better swimming and better equipment plays the key role in encouragement of your passion to learn. Hence, basic should be kept in mind before swimming.

Qualities of a good swimmer:

For becoming a better swimmer we should understand the qualities of a good swimmer –

  1.    Focused Goal:

    You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. A good swimmer knows about his or her goal and has a positive mindset for swimming.

  2.    Never give up attitude:

    Commitment is what makes people better. A good swimmer is the one who knows of the pain they are facing, it can be the fear of drowning in water or fear of jumping from a height, but they don’t give up.

  3.    Trusting themselves:

    Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. It is important to trust yourself when it comes to swimming, trusting the words of the trainer and practising it makes you better day by day.

Conclusion :

Swimming not only refreshes your body but also mind, it is an exercise that has adventure and fun unless you know it in a proper way. It is like learning to drive a vehicle, once you learn – you will enjoy but until that you need to be careful as a beginner.

When your body gets tired swim with your heart!


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