Make this team outing all about the fresh cut grass. There’s a new trend that’s started off on the weekends now; Each time I want to go out on a weekend, its no more a “lets go to a club” or “lets go get some brunch.” This change has come to me like a rude awakening. For me, my weekends comprise of some good food, interesting beverages and my friends around me. This new trend has changed things.

Football and Astro Turf is all that is spoken about and on one such weekend, I found myself wandering off to game changer off new BEL road. Okay, I’ll admit, I was super upset that my weekend wasn’t going as usual but I’m glad I was able to get out of that rut and experience something new.

At this very new weekend “experience” I happen to have my colleague play. After an exhilarating 60 minutes, I can happily say, football, although I’m a beginner, is an awesome sport! Not only to watch but play as well.

So of course, my colleague and I could help but push this for our team outing sport and here’s why.


Stress Buster:

See, a lot of the people I work with don’t really believe in the concept of daily exercise. They have a lot of other “ Stress busting” activities on an hourly basis, which really tells upon their health. Now a weekly game of football will ensure that all of them exercise at least once and the best part is, they do it together.

Women playing football

Improve your concentration levels:

Now obviously, when you get to play with your friends on your team and your bosses on the other, you will want to concentrate, do your best and kick their ass. WARNING: bosses can be bad at losing and it can tell upon your future existence at the organization.


Develop loyalty:

This one is pretty straightforward. You will know who your potential football partner is, who really has your back; who sucks up to the bosses and who your real “BRO” is. You can easily tell apart the ones who know that it’s just a game and the ones who are going to carry this into the office.


Develop a new culture:

It’s not common for team outings to encompass the concept of playing a sport. In these times or endless parties and non stop flow of alcohol, jazzing up your team outings will not hurt, figuratively; you may or may not come back with an injury, that solely depends on how big a klutz you are.Soccer with Kids



Football can get really competitive, so you take a call now or after the first game. If you lose your job, then don’t hold me responsible for suggesting you this. YOU need some practice. However, the point of this disclaimer is, if you do happen to lose your job, that’s on you boo.

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