Why women need protein too | Importance of protein

Understand why women need protein in their diets too.

Whenever it comes to protein, most of the talk is about men and how much protein they require. However, protein is absolutely essential to a woman too.

You must have read many articles that talk about a protein rich diet where they feature a picture of a huge, ripped man with rock hard abs. That is so not inspiring for women!

Well, we are here to tell you that proteins are equally important for women too.

So what exactly is protein?

Protein is a macronutrient that every cell in our body requires. Besides proteins, the other macronutrients are fats and carbohydrates. Proteins make up 15% of a persons body.

They are made up of amino acids. The cells in our body need them in order to grow as well as repair themselves.

Protein is obviously essential in building muscle mass. It even helps a person stay full and satiated.

Why do women need protein?

Just like men, women too require to consume a good amount of protein on a daily basis. Women don’t require to go to the gym, play sports, or lift weights to consume proteins, as it’s essential for survival.

Protein helps keep weight in check

If you’re trying to keep your weight in check and control your body shape and structure, a protein rich diet is necessary.

Consuming proteins leads to a boost in metabolism and an automatic reduction in the amount of calories eaten. It has been proved that a increase in protein intake has helped maintain body weight.

Lean muscle mass

Including proteins in your diet will help ensure you maintain your muscle mass. This is very important, specially to women who love to hit the gym and workout regularly. Of course, you wont’ bulk up like a man, but you will maintain your muscle strength.

Proteins are the building blocks for muscles. It promotes muscle growth as well.

While trying to lose weight, if one consumes proteins, it will ensure that muscle mass isn’t lost in the process

For good hair and skin

Women take a lot of pride in their appearances. They like to take good care of their hair and skin. Protein plays a huge role in keeping hair, skin and nails healthy. In particular, collagen is the protein that composes hair, skin and nails.

They say that there are some types of collagen that are stronger than steel. Premature skin wrinkles can be a key indicator to lack of protein in the body. One can age quickly with lack of collagen.

Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Consuming keratin rich foods results in stronger and healthier hair

Stronger bones

Having strong bones is a must. Women who eat more protein will maintain better bone mass than women who don’t eat much protein.

In the long run, these women have a lower chance of getting bone related issues like osteoporosis. Bone mineral density is maintained by consuming proteins.

Helps with hot flashes

Women who are going through menopause are victims of hot flashes along with other issues. They say the consumption of the bean, soy can help cool these hot flashes. Soy is phytoestrogens which basically is a plant estrogen.


Women need protein. No matter what stage in life they are in, they need protein. For good health overall, protein is the best.

Proteins benefits are plenty. It keeps women strong, lowers blood pressure, helps maintain weight and keeps them from snacking unnecessarily.

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