New sports have been on a rise. With people looking to feed on something new and exciting, the need of inventing new sports has been at an all-time high. While few new sports are completely original and not inspired by an existing sport while a few are originated taking inspiration from an existing sport. But seldom do we find a new sport inculcated by mixing two sports.

And then came Footpool!

Footpool, as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of Football and Pool. The cue balls are replaced by smaller footballs. The yellow and red of the pool balls are replaced by the yellow and red of smaller sized footballs. The pots are bigger in size so as the ball could be put in. The white ball is replaced by a white football and one’s foot takes over the cue sticks.

Foolpool stunts being performed

A Footpool expert performing some tricks on the table

Footpool is a combination of two of the world’s greatest sports. The basic playing format of pool, using the style flair and technique of your footballing skills.

A Footpool table is sized at about 12ft x 8ft with 10 balls placed on it, 6 pockets like on a pool table and four players battling it out to reign supreme.

Rules in Footpool:

The rules of the game are fairly simple having strong similarities with that of the game of pool.

Arsenal Players playing Footpool

Arsenal Players playing Footpool

  • You can only strike the white ball with your foot.
  • The white ball must be stationary before it is played
  • The colour of the ball one needs to pot is devised in a similar format where the team that pots the ball first gets that as their colour.
  • Each team must pot all their coloured balls.
  • Should a player pot the white ball or the white ball leave the table a free/penalty shot is awarded to their opponents.
  • If one team pots one of their opponent’s balls, the opponents receive a free/penalty shot.
  • Just like in pool, the one that pots the black ball before potting all of their coloured ones, they forfeit the game..
  • Once a team has potted all their coloured balls they can then attempt to pot the black.
  • The first team to pot the black wins.

An exciting game, Footpool has really picked up in the UK and other European countries.

Here’s a video of the UK Footpool Championship held in 2015:

A really fun activity, Footpool tables can typically be placed at homes or in game parlours where they can be enjoyed by the visitors.

For its sheer excitement, uniqueness and to try hand at something new, Footpool is a highly recommended sport. But play it at your own peril for it is highly addictive and remotely available.

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