5 Best Cardio Exercises for Football Players

Best cardio exercises for football players? Football is usually assumed to be a sport related more to force and tactic. Definitely, both of them are important, but to build a stronger game, endurance is equally significant.

Endurance is one such element that will not only help you stay in the field longer, but will also help in improving your performance. Now, how do you improve endurance?

Cardio exercises are something you need to look up to for endurance. Cardio exercises not only improve your endurance, but your immune system also benefits from it too.

5 best cardio exercises for Football Players:

#1. Stair Running:

Walking is a great way to burn fat and build your endurance. But not as efficient as running. Now couple this with a staircase and you have a whole array of endurance exercises you can inculcate!

#2. Jumping Rope:

Ropes are a great way to keep your body fit and toned. It also increases agility, hand-to-eye coordination and core strength among many other factors!

#3. Lateral Shuffle:

The best thing about lateral shuffles are that anyone can do it! It’s a great beginner exercise and a very effective workout as well!

#4. Plank Ski Hops

Already as hard as it is, combining planks with hopping builds your leg and core muscles.

#5. Russian Twists is also a cardio for football players:

Russian twists are some of the most effective workouts that don’t require equipment. It increases your stamina and core strength. The best part about it is, just like planks, it is crucial to do this exercise if you want rock hard abs.

While playing any other sport like swimming or running will also count as a cardio exercise, the above-mentioned ones will work as a warm-up too!

If you are still at home and haven’t hit the ground yet, we have a few amazing drills that you can do while at lockdown.



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