#HumansOfPlayo | We want to listen to your stories, rooted from being a PLAYOHOLIC!

2 months ago
Govind Pillai

Playo is reaching out to all you Playoholics out there to share your unique PLAYO stories Read More

Covid Guidelines to #PlaySafe in these times

COVID SAFETY GUIDELINES Playing during Omicron scare? Before we get all geared up and start prepping to go to the… Read More

2 years ago

Virat Kohli | Captaincy lessons we learnt from the Former Chief | Playo

Play ONLY to win. If pushing for victory means risk of failure, so be it! If there is one thing… Read More

21 hours ago

5 Incredible Boxing Battles From The History Of The Sport

Love boxing battles?! There's something incredibly beautiful about two men stepping inside of a ring, staring down each other from… Read More

4 days ago

Spectator’s Golf Guide: What To Wear And Bring To A Tournament?

Looking for a golf guide? Whether you are going to one of the four major golf championships or another popular golf… Read More

6 days ago

The Prakash Padukone Story

Excerpts from an interview with Prakash Padukone, by Playo! Read More

1 week ago

Think About Deadly And These Sports Will Blow Your Mind

Those who love deadly adventure sports; almost everyone has had a taste in parasailing, paragliding and the likes of it.… Read More

2 weeks ago

Wait Wait, ‘Weight Loss’?

Ahhh! I made you click on the link with weight loss...didn’t I? I was only testing to see how much… Read More

2 weeks ago

The Mind of a Fast Bowler

It seems that a fast bowler goes through an evolution as well, until they reach the final stage — a… Read More

2 weeks ago

10 Tips To Improve Your Freestyle Swimming Technique

The offseason is an ideal time to work on improving swimming technique, especially freestyle. Whether you're planning a break after a… Read More

3 weeks ago

Why Should Kids Be Encouraged Into Taking Up Sports?

Kids and sports. Are you encouraging them enough? Read More

3 weeks ago

Planning Your First Solo Trek? We Have Your Back!

A guide to making your first solo trek adventure more enjoyable and come out of your fears. Thinking of your… Read More

3 weeks ago