#HumansOfPlayo | We want to listen to your stories, rooted from being a PLAYOHOLIC!


We are reaching out to all you Playoholics to share your unique PLAYO stories, and how we played an unforgettable part in it, unknowingly!

Tell us how we made a difference and we will speak to you and may even end up featuring you in our social media platforms (Watch out for a story that might drop under #HumansOfPlayo!).

Speak up Playoholics! We heard some of you even went on to recruit your PLAYO partner as your life partner (Yes, YOU!)!

How to submit your story?

Step 1: DM us how your story got intertwined with PLAYO through Instagram @playoapp or mail us at submissions@playo.co. Kindly mention your social media handle, if you decide to mail it to us! (Feel free to use #HumansOfPlayo in your story instead of Hi!).

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Step 2: There’s no Step 2. We’ll get in touch with you and let you know what’s up!

Step 3: Take a hint from Step 2.

Step 4: Don’t forget Step 1.

P.S. We can keep your secrets #SAFE too if you want us to not share it with the world! (Don’t be like that :P)

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