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5 Easy Tips To Be a Better Shooter in Basketball

Basketball is a game where just one degree of an angle can make a huge difference. Shooters must be as accurate as possible to make the basket without missing. But in order to be a better shooter in Basketball, there are a few techniques one must keep in mind.

Shooting a successful Basketball 10 of 10 times isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either.

Want to improve your chances at making the basket more often? Want to shoot baskets like the pros? Continue to read as we give you 1 major tips.

5 Tips to be a better shooter in Basketball
  1. Stance matters: Before shooting a basket make sure you’re standing correctly and that your form is right. To maintain proper balance make sure that your feet are shoulder width apart. Your feet must be in a relaxed and comfortable position.

This will help you to not fall over while you’re shooting. In the event you’re planning to move forward, make sure to bend at your knees and move your dominant leg ahead.

Make sure you’re balanced before you take the shot.

2.Focus on the target:

The place you want to shoot the ball, is the place you should narrow your vision and focus. Divert your attention to the backboard or the rim of the basket.

By doing this you’re avoiding any distractions that may come in the way of you making the shot. A lot of the times players tend to focus on the flight of the ball and there is where the mistake lies.

3. Follow the BEEF method:

The BEEF method has been put in place to improve balance, shooting and control. It will significantly help you shoot better, specially during free throws. The BEEF method consists of the following:


Create a strong foundation for yourself by getting into a good and balanced position. Make sure your weight is equally balanced on both your feet.

Eyes on target-

Make sure your eye is always on the target. That is in fact, where the ball will go. Don’t lose focus of the target.

Elbows aligned-

The angle that should be formed between your elbow and torso should be 90 degrees. Your elbows should be under the basketball and the fingers of the hand you shoot with should be placed on the ball.

Follow through-

The last but important step is the flick of the wrist that will be the follow through on the shot. If done correctly, while you’re releasing the ball, it should roll off your pointer and middle finger. At the end your fingers should be pointing the ground and your wrist should be flexed.

The BEEF method will improve your overall shooting technique.

4.Make sure you grip is proper:

Gripping the ball correctly as you’re about the shoot is more crucial than people realise. With the incorrect grip, things could go wrong very fast. Your fingers should be spread across the basketball properly and in just your shooting hand.

The ball should sit right on your finger pads and make sure there is a gap between your palm and the ball.

Hand tightly gripping basketball up close.

5. Correct your shot:

Whenever you make a mistake while shooting, make sure to correct it. Analyse why the mistake occurred and make sure to improve on it. If there is any mistake in the mechanics of your shot, make sure to rectify it.

Not correcting it will make it a bad habit!


Shooting isn’t an easy part in basketball, but it is one of the most important parts of the game. Any small improvement in shooting can also help in making the team win the win.

Follow these 5 tips and you’re sure to see an improvement in your shooting and to be a better shooter in Basketball

Nidhi Patel