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Get ahead in the game by learning these formations in 5 a-side Football

Football formations have been a critical part of the match strategy. We know the famous 4-4-2 and the modern ones like 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 or “The Bus” which have changed the fate of many games in an 11 a-side game. But how important are formations in 5 a-side football? Fives is not only about skill and speed, it’s also about strategy and tactics, hence formations play a key role and could play a major role in changing the outcome of the game.

Teams tend to unintentionally adopt ‘Total Football’ style, which is where players shuffle positions and play in all positions during some point in the match. This tends to happen unintentionally in a fives game due to the size of the pitch and the number of players on the ground. A team that ‘unintentionally’ adopts this gameplay is easy pickings for any team who has done pre-game planning.

The three major positions in fives game are the goalkeeper, the sweeper, and the striker. Considering the importance of these positions, you can look at forming the following attacking or defensive formations-

Formations in 5 a-side Football

THE SQUARE (2-0-2)

The most common formation used in 5 a-side football. Because it’s obvious and most inexperienced teams tend to use this. It provides a balanced attack and defence. Both supported by 2 players. This formation could really work if things are flexible but also with the clarity of who will support both attacking and defending roles during play.


You might get too predictable if you follow the formation too rigidly.

THE WALL ( 3-0-1)

Playing against a strong team or you are one up in the game and don’t want to get too greedy? Use THE WALL. The Wall as the name suggests is a super defensive strategy which should be adopted for a certain period in the game, rather than the team’s default formation. The 3 defenders will be responsible to take the hammering of the opposition and put one oddball for the sole striker who can attempt for a counter goal.


You may not see too many goals for your side.


You think you have the perfect team with the right people for the right job, then this formation is something you should adopt. 1 defender, 2 midfielders and 1 striker are clearly defined and the players need to stick to these roles during all periods of the game. The key to this formation is the mid-fielders who need to be fast on their feet, literally and figuratively. They are going to be doing most of the running, so make sure to have a couple of equally good subs on the bench. Keep refreshing the field with the sub-mid-fielders to maintain the pace of the game. Also, make sure all your players are good in possession.


If you mid-fielders are caught out of position, the defender might be the last man standing, which is never good in any game.

THE ‘Y’ (1-1-2)

You see the opposing team using the “THE WALL”? Shift to “THE Y”, which is a very attacking formation with the key idea of this formation is to get possession of the ball as high up in the pitch as possible and try to maximize on that. The midfielder, however, will be required to play a supporting role with the defence when your opposition has the ball.


Vulnerable Defense!


We believe this to be the most effective formation. It’s more of a defensive line up with 2 defenders hence conceding fewer, but it’s highly effective with stronger teams, especially when utilized with a counter attacking style. The floating midfield role is vital in providing that link-up between defence and attack, picking up the opposition’s third man in defence and providing support to the attacker on the counter-attack.  Put your fastest and most fit player in this position. In addition to the need for a good strong defender (or two), a powerful and effective attacker will need to convert the oddballs.


This one isn’t for the faint-hearted – it’s going to be a high-scoring match!  Unless you can outscore your opponents it is probably not wise to go with this one for long periods of a match and should be used only when chasing a game in the final moments of a do or die scenario.  Good luck with this one!

Formations in 5 a-side Football are not just about what looks pretty or we should do this because they did that… it’s more than that. Talk to your team and learn the strong and weak points. Figure out what responsibilities each is capable of.

When choosing the formation to implement with your team, you need to take into account the levels of experience, ability and fitness of your players. Have room for some flexibility. Five-a-side football is a fast game and players should, in theory, be able to cover all positions on the pitch. But, the team that is the most organized is usually the team that ends up winning.

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