Badminton and Fitness

Badminton and Fitness | Badminton is one of the most accessible and easiest sports to pick up. Yet, it ranks as the fastest racket sports in the world. Therefore, to be able to rally with the shuttlecock traveling at such high speeds, fitness in all aspects is important.

Players undergo different sets of training for badminton. This includes everything from a basic diet to strength training. But why should anyone follow these if badminton is only a recreational activity for them?

Remember how in school, our PT teachers always insisted on those warmups we all dreaded so much? We only have a set amount of time to play before we get on with our regular subjects! And to have this eat up a huge chunk of play time!!?

Whether playing for recreational purposes or otherwise, sports (or any activity that involves hard physical movements) require warmups. This ensures that every muscle of the body is ready to take on the challenges that are gonna be posed by the activity itself.

By doing so, you not only prevent injuries and muscle sprains but also make sure that you’re at your peak performance for the game. Maintaining and honing your badminton skills and fitness is important.

People who train for the sport insist on specific diets for the same reason. These diets include foods that are high in energy and easy to digest.

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While there are many ways to keep the body prepared for the sport, badminton helps the players keep fit too. Playing the sport is also proven to improve one’s mental health and well-being. There are cases where the sport has even helped people come out of depression and other mental health issues.

Badminton and fitness go hand in hand. As long as we respect our limits and focus on our weaknesses, we could avoid most physical injuries that might happen during the course of a game. So make sure to stretch your muscles, eat right and give it your best on the court next time!


Pratheek Suryadev