8 Benefits of Playing Football as Kids

The benefits of playing football as kids! Oh, those glorious days!
When we saw those empty parks or those unused sites, there we’d be, pitching in goal posts, forming two teams and kicking off into a wondrous game of football!

Little did we imagine that there could be benefits we could potentially reap from the childish endeavours that we’d take with us for life!

Here are 8 benefits reminding us why it’s absolutely beneficial to play football as kids:

  1. Healthy and fit:

    This one’s self-explanatory! This vigorous sport demands us to run the whole time while playing the game. This increases stamina, flexibility and breathing patterns and in turn helps to live a proactive life!


  2. Builds muscles:

    Running for long hours while we engage in this sport, helps us build strong leg muscles, mainly glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings and not to forget the core muscles, which helps us stay fit!

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  3. Physical and mental toughness:

    The kind of sport that football is, demands high competitive spirit and toughness!

    ViaIts 11 players up against each other fighting for one ball, which requires one to stay focused and be strong enough to handle the hardships that come with this sport! The courage that it takes to fight in a fight and fleet scenario, helps face further challenges in life!

  4. Team building:

    As kids, learning to play a team-sport, coordinating with 11 players to achieve a common goal, helps build a sense of belonging. And in turn learn to be a team player, taking everyone into account.

    ViaThis is a quality that’ll help in any future endeavours in life!

  5. Develop friendships:

    Indulging in activities that involve a group of people beats loneliness and creates a sense of belonging, keeps them happy and engaged!


    This aids in developing people skills as well.

  6. Develop life skills:

    Football is a skill. Indulging in this sport teaches kids life skills of high values they can take with them along the way. If practised regularly, football demands insane work ethics and discipline.


    To wake up every morning, warm up, keep a diet, and to practice the sport in itself requires determination. And also needed is discipline to achieve the same! If this is addressed at an earlier age, it only gets easier!

  7. Following directions:

    The sport comes with its own set of instructions. To play the sport, one needs to abide by these rules, which seeks that one follows directions and plays the sport as it should be.

    ViaThis is a quality that serves useful in all aspects of life because nothing good ever comes out of breaking rules, kids!

  8. Pursuing a career in football:

    Starting out at a young age paves a way to a wonderful career in football.


    The child would have learnt the skills and all the aspects that one needs to cultivate to become a professional player and can successfully go on to pursuing the same in the future!

So what is pursued in fun and as a refreshment could indeed lead to a wonderful journey of health, happiness and success!


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