Get Yourself Ready To Compete In Tennis

Being able to compete in a sport such as Tennis can be very rewarding and satisfying. One can feel very about themselves after having taken part in tournaments in Tennis.

While competing in Tennis, there are a few skills and values you learn that help you a long way, not just in the sport but throughout your entire life. You will become a more confident and disciplined version of yourself. 

In order to compete in Tennis, there a few things you should learn to do:

#1. Take coaching with the mindset to learn:

Do not just take Tennis lessons because your friends are. Take lessons because you want to learn and you want to do well in the sport. Go with an open mind and with a mind that is accepting to learn from mistakes. Do not have any mental blocks in your mind.

#2. Practice is important:

Till today, all the pros that you have watched and followed only win by doing one thing repeatedly, that is practice. Practice does make perfect. Keep on and on at it. By doing this, you will reduce your mistakes and you will learn to play each shot correctly.

Nothing comes easy, it takes time and dedication which is very important when you want to compete. Remember, always quality over quantity.

#3. Evaluate your performance:

In the competitive world, all players tend to evaluate themselves. This is because once you take the trouble to analyse and evaluate your game, that’s when you will know where you stand and what more you need to do to achieve better. 

Evaluating your game with your coach is recommended as the feedback you will get from a professional will be unbiased and for your betterment. Learn to create a game plan that will help you when you are going for a tournament.

#4. Take every day as a new day:

Whether you are practising for a match or you are working on bettering your tennis strokes, take each day as it comes. Focus on improving every day. Work on yesterday’s mistakes today. Think of what went wrong the previous day and pay attention to that the next day

#5. Trust yourself:

Competing in Tennis can be a very stressful scenario for any player. But if you have been true to yourself and you have practised hard, then you should have the confidence to trust in yourself. 

All players work hard and practice well but so are you. Hence never think any less of yourself.

If you doubt yourself, it will reflect on the court and it may come across like you are struggling.

#6. Never give up:

This is something everyone in all walks of life will preach. But it is true. Never give up as 1 to 5 or even 10 losses do not mean it is the end of the road for you. Keep learning from every loss and keep trying to better yourself. 

Do not let the losses get in your way or keep you from working harder
Competing isn’t easy. But making yourself ready to compete is something that is completely dependent on you.


Nidhi Patel