Looking To Increase Immunity, Sports Can Help

Right now, apart from staying at home, which isn’t a long term solution, all of us are looking at increasing our immunity by using several means. Immunity has now become the need of the hour along with proper hygiene.

While increasing immunity isn’t a short term goal, looking for solutions is definitely a start.

You will find a lot of solutions online which aim at increasing immunity within a short period of time but that is a total myth. The immune system is a marvellous network of defense system which fights off all the harmful virus that we deal with in our day to day life.

The system consists of 2 major components, the innate and the acquired. We shall not be diving deep into them but it is important to know about the factors that can strengthen and keep the system working smoothly.

While it is very enticing to improve and boost your immune health, several dietary and lifestyle changes can restore your body’s defense mechanisms.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep, having a balanced diet, consuming good fat, staying hydrated are just a few ways of helping the immune system function better.

Let’s not forget how important is moderate to high-intensity workout now. With all of us at home, erratic work hours and sometimes binge eating and watching, workout have now become a priority.

Being in isolation, doesn’t mean you should stop playing or practise a few drills that can help you showing-off a few skills once this is all done.

Moderate to high-intensity exercise increases the blood circulation which in return improves the immune system. Studies show that in short-term, sports and regular movement helps the immune system to fight pathogens and other harmful organisms. While playing sports for a prolonged period can help the immune system to go through the changes like ageing.

That’s why we rarely see a physically active person catching a cold or under the weather. Because their immune system is strong enough to fight off allergies and seasonal flu.

Quoting Dr. James Turner,

Our work has concluded that there is very limited evidence for exercise directly increasing the risk of becoming infected with viruses. In the context of coronavirus and the conditions we find ourselves in today, the most important consideration is reducing your exposure from other people who may be carrying the virus. But people should not overlook the importance of staying fit, active and healthy during this period.

The secret of a properly functioning immune system lies in the balance. Excess of anything can be detrimental. Overexercing can injury your muscles and lead to your body increasing stress which can adversely affect the system.

By limiting yourself to workout for 60 minutes per day, you will ensure that your immune system is sound and happy.

Hope we have pushed you enough to get up and start practising a few drills at home.


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