Did You Know About These Magical Benefits of Playing Cricket

Benefits of Playing Cricket | After football, cricket is the second most loved sport in the world. In Asian countries, especially, the game is considered a religion.

bat, ball, wickets and cricket
In India, the bat and ball are nearly symbolic of our green land. Ever since India won its maiden World Cup title in 1983, the craze for the game only increased.

India is currently one of the best and most competitive teams in global cricket, and every morning, thousands of kids flock to their nearest cricket club with one hope – that of becoming the next Sachin Tendulkar.

The benefits of playing Cricket are many, both physical as well as social. Let us take a look at a few –

  • Strengthens muscles

Bowling, wicketkeeping, hitting the ball, stopping runs or taking a catch, all of it requires physical movement, which in turn strengthens muscles.

An hour of playing cricket will give your body a better shape over an hour at the gym.

Cricket as a whole requires gross motor skills which tone your body. 

  • Improves your ability to focus

While bowling in the right direction, or batting, the focus is the key. Hand-eye coordination requires you to focus well, which in turn helps you in several ways off the field as well.

Peripheral eye vision is also improved because of hand-eye coordination, which is important every second of the game.

Children playing cricket benefit the most from focus, it helps them in their studies as well. 

  • Helps you socialise

Cricket is a team sport, where 11 players represent one team. 

Practicing and playing alongside one another helps one socialise and learn to cooperate.

Again, this is especially helpful for school going kids. You learn how to cope with a loss.

  • Improves your confidence

Captaining includes making important decisions related to the game and ensuring that all the other 10 members follow the rules and regulations of the game.

If you get the opportunity to lead your team, your confidence increases.

Cricket is one of the best ways to improve your balance. Diving to take a catch or throwing the ball to the wicket for a run-out, everything requires you to maintain balance. It also improves your flexibility. Taking a catch near the boundary rope is the best way to test how well you can balance yourself.

  • Helps your cardiovascular system

Running and fielding is a good exercise to maintain the health of your cardiovascular system. The heart pumps more blood when you run on the field. It betters the functioning of your lungs too.

  • Controls body weight

Playing cricket, i.e. running and fielding also helps to control your body weight. Body fat is burned, which in return gives you a fit and lean body.

Approximately, one hour of batting or bowling burns around 300 calories.

Cricket improves your flexibility too, which in turn reduces the risk of injuries.

  • Better acceptance to reality

One of the toughest things in life is to accept reality when things do not go your way. Losing a cricket match, or losing in any sport for that matter, helps you accept reality in a better and quicker way.

Cricket, thus, is not just a sport limited to the 22 yards, but in many ways, it is a way of life and healthy living.


Umaima Saeed