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In Football, slide tackles are one of the coolest looking shots, that will make a player feel good.

It’s not an easy shot to master, but the players who know have this weapon in their arsenal can help their team tremendously.

Sliding tackles are quite the dramatic shot and the riskiest type of tackle in Football. The slide tackle should be used only when really needed.

Remember to always be on the side, at an angle or in front of the ball when attempting the slide tackle. Never be behind the your opponent when playing this shot.

It is important to play safe and clean. A slide tackle enables you to lunge ahead quickly and make a clean tackle while avoiding physical contact with the players.

Master Slide Tackles- Key points-
1.Eye on the ball-

Always keep your eye on the ball while attempting the slide tackle. The common mistake made by beginners to pros is to keep their eye on the player rather than the ball.

This is to ensure you do not mistime your slide tackle and end up getting hurt.

2.Position of ball-

While running towards the ball it is important to gauge how far away from the ball you really are. Understand where the ball is and how much you’d have to lunge to take the ball.

Keep in mind your main aim is to reach the ball before your opponent does.

3.Timing is of essence-

Being too early or being too late will do more damage than good. It gives the opponents a higher chance of scoring.

Hence, attempting a slide tackle should be done only and only if you’re 100% sure.

In the event of playing the slide tackle, you want to make sure your foot is there at the right time.

The best chance for you to attempt this shot is when the opponent pushes the ball forward. This is when there is a bit of separation from the ball with the player, which gives one enough time to redirect the ball. 

4. Be decisive-

In a sport like Football every second matters. There will be many situations where you will have just a fraction of a second to make decisions.

Playing a shot like the slide tackle entails that you make the right decisions at the right moment.

5. Contact while sliding-

Always slide in, leading with your toe and make contact with either your instep or your outstep. Never make the mistake of making contact with the bottom of your shoes.

This is important because in the event you miss the shot, the chances of you injuring your opponent are high.

Furthermore, this is considered dangerous play and could lead you to getting a red card.

6. Stay composed-

To play this shot correctly, you must be calm and composed. The chances of you being successful increase when you are composed.

A lot of the times players get desperate to hit this shot and land up using the wrong technique. Hence, always remember to keep calm and focused while attempting this shot.


Play the slide tackle only when it is absolutely necessary. Do understand that slide tackles can raise a number of safety issues, especially during recreational games.

Keep these points in mind to master the slide tackle.

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Nidhi Patel