Have You Found Your Perfect ‘Sole Mate’ Yet?

There is a sole for every occasion and your regular running shoes don’t fill the void always. 

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It can be hard enough to push yourself to start out on a particular sport or doing some exercise and the right shoe can make the experience worthwhile. The wrong shoe can give you injuries that may totally slack your new adventure.

If you have thought of investing in the shoes that will help you in the journey then start looking for some good soles too and let me tell you, there are different soles for different sports.

Let us take a look at the different kind of soles we have:

  1. Football Studs: The studs are generally made up of plastic or metal that helps you run through the grassy ground easily. Some of the leagues and grounds have banned metal cleats so, be sure to check with the venue that you are playing to play on. There are three types of studs, conical ones that provide more stability, hard-ground studs for firmer surface and bladed studs that give more traction and speed. Via
  2. Running Shoe: While choosing a running shoe, you may need to check for soles that have shock absorbers. Highly cushioned shoes are generally favourable and specially the ones made of hard carbon, which offer stability and long durability. Though the minimalist running shoe is the new trend now. Via
  3. Court Shoe: For those who play sports like Badminton and Tennis, these shoes may come in handy. These soles will have less shock absorption, unlike the running shoes. For softer courts, you will need softer soles, on a harder court you will need sole that will allow better traction.
  4. Hiking Shoe: When you think of rough and tacky rocky terrain, a sole that can easily adapt to the changing geography is much advisable. Look for a raised heel sole that will prevent you from slipping.
  5. Golf Shoe: They have minimal shock absorbers and flexibility unlike the ones in badminton and basketball. They may have rubber studs but the metal ones are banned as they may spoil the grass.



For every different sport, there is a different sole. So, next time, you go running with your basketball shoes, you know whom to point at!


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