4 Exercises Swimmers Must Do

To become a competitive swimmer, you have to do a lot of exercises and workouts in the pool or outside the pool to keep their body fit and to become one of the best swimmers.

Exercise is the main and essential thing; not for swimmers but for any athlete. While swimming our whole body is engaged, so to become one of the finest swimmers, you must take care of each and every body part and to achieve this you must undergo different workout sessions.

Therefore, here are some best exercises which can be beneficial for you in making you a perfect swimmer:

1. Lateral lunge

This exercise helps you to improve your hip rotation and to open your muscles of hips and groins.

How to do it:

From standing position, keep your step to the right by keeping your toes pointed straight ahead and place your flat feet on the ground.

Do a squat onto your right leg along with keeping the left leg in straight position and put your weight on the right leg and hold the position for a few seconds.

Now switch the position and do squat from the left leg by putting your weight on the left leg. Do this exercise for 10 reps on one side.

2. Lateral pillar bridge

This exercise helps you to open up your hips which further help you in generating more power and rotation in water.      

How to do it:

You have to lie on one side of your body either left or right side in a straight line by putting your elbow under your shoulder.

Now push your hip off the ground and hold the position for few seconds. You have to keep your body straight while doing this exercise and make sure that your head should be in line with the spine.

Do 10 reps of this exercise from one side and then switch the position to do 10 reps from the next side.

3. Physioball leg curl

This exercise keeps your hips extended and forces the hamstrings to work which eventually improves your posterior strength and your leaping ability.

How to do it:

You have to lie on the ground by keeping your legs straight on a physioball.

Take support of the ground for your shoulders and relax your neck. Make your glutes rigid and raise your hips to pull the ball towards you.

Do this exercise for 10 reps by keeping your body posture in a correct manner.

4. Leg cradle

This is also one of the best exercises to open up your hips.

How to do it:

In this exercise, you have to stand on your left leg by lifting your right foot off the ground.

Lift your right knee by placing your right hand under your knee and your left hand under the ankle.

Keep your right leg as close to your chest during the stretch. Do the 10 reps of this exercise from either side.


Garima Pachauri