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Here’s Why You Should Swim to Lose Weight

Swim to Lose Weight | Swimming is one of the most essential skills that everyone must have. Apart from being an Olympic sport, swimming is also a cool leisure activity, quite literally. But what most people overlook in terms of fitness is that an hour in the pool might be the best way to keep your body toned and fit.

So let’s take a look at what this multi-beneficial activity does for you.

What Does Swimming Do to Your Body?

The best thing about this activity is that you’re using every muscle in your body, from head to toe. You’re using your body to move against the water’s resistance. 

If made a habit, not only can it tone all your muscles, but improve the health of your internal organs as well. Here’s how. 

With swimming, you have to make a conscious effort to breathe at the right time. This improves your lung capacity and keeps your heart healthy. This in turn helps you build your endurance. Most people who pick up swimming feel an improvement in their overall health within a few weeks. As an added benefit, it also helps straighten your spine – this gives you good posture and makes you look taller! 

But swimming is not just beneficial in terms of endurance and overall physical and mental health, but also for weight loss!

Swimming for Weight Loss

Can you swim to lose weight? Most definitely! But before we dig in, keep in mind that running burns just about the same amount of calories, if not more. However, swimming does not have as much impact as running does on your knees and other joints. This makes it a much more desirable activity, especially if you aren’t a seasoned jogger. And who doesn’t like being in the water? 

As an activity that requires almost every muscle, an hour of swimming can burn upwards of 500 calories. Water is 830 times denser than air. Therefore every movement you make underwater is a resistance exercise! 

This makes swimming an excellent exercise to burn extra fat in your body. For those of you who are looking to reduce weight, swimming might be your best go-to option as the various strokes involved will help you get a chiselled figure comparatively faster than other physical activities.

Can Swimming Burn Belly Fat?

Yes! Swimming might just be the most efficient way to burn belly fat! However, keep in mind that you will have to follow specific routines to target the fat in your belly. Swimming with your spine straight (which is how you should always swim) for about 15-20 minutes is the trick. 

Otherwise known as cardio swimming, this helps in rapid burning of the fat around the mid-section of your body which, of course, includes your tummy. This also helps strengthen your core muscles.

Another way to reduce belly fat in the pool is to walk in the deep end. Remember, strides underwater burn more calories than a walk around the park. Walking as fast as you can in the pool can make a massive difference in your overall endurance and core strength whilst helping burn that excess fat. There are several swimming exercises that you can check out!

Now you know the trick celebrities use for fast transformations (apart from the extensive diets and other vigorous workout routines!). Go ahead and take a plunge into the nearest pool around you! 

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Pratheek Suryadev