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How to Increase Stamina? Consider Lifestyle Changes

How to increase stamina | Panting after a few flights of stairs? Joints and muscles hurting after a quick game… Read More

5 months ago

Here’s Why You Should Swim to Lose Weight

Swim to Lose Weight | Swimming is one of the most essential skills that everyone must have. Apart from being… Read More

5 months ago

9 Trekking Essentials to Carry

Nothing beats breaking sweat trekking up the mountains. Whether you want a multiple day trek or a short hike, there… Read More

5 months ago

What Exactly Are Calories, Anyway?

Since the advent of smart watches, almost everyone has been constantly checking how many calories they burn with every activity.… Read More

6 months ago

5 Easy Warm up Exercises for a Seamless Playing Experience

The most important, yet the most neglected part of any physical activity - warm up exercises. All of us dreaded… Read More

6 months ago

Are Athletic Cups Really Necessary?

Almost all of us are aware of the different types of cricket bats available or the latest football in the… Read More

7 months ago

Do You Have Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D Deficiency | Have you been waking up tired regardless of how many hours of sleep you get? Or… Read More

7 months ago

Top 5 Nutrition Bars in 2022

Top 5 Nutrition Bars in 2022| All day you’ve been looking forward to your evening badminton game with friends. At… Read More

9 months ago

The Key to Unlock a Stress-Free Life

It’s 10:30 in the morning and you’re still stuck in traffic. Your boss gave you a warning just the other… Read More

9 months ago

Forearm Tendonitis Injury: All you need to know

Prevention, causes, and symptoms of forearm tendonitis injury Forearm tendonitis injury is a worrying one. Our forearms are used for… Read More

11 months ago