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Top 5 Protein Bars In India [Latest 2023]

Top 5 Protein Bars In India To Keep You On Top of Your Game

A diet that’s bad for your overall health can never be good for your performance.

Wisely said by Kube Bryant, the American basketball shooting guard.

The human body requires the right nutrients for good maintenance. With a lack of these nutrients emerge various deficiencies and diseases that are harmful to the body. Protein is one such nutrient that plays a pivotal role in building your body and repairing the muscles. Though our food choices provide us with protein daily, it may not be enough for the body, especially when it comes to sports or bodybuilding.

Numerically, our daily protein requirement varies between 0.8 to 1g per kilogram of our body weight. That means if you weigh 60 kg, your protein intake must be at least 48g. Your protein intake must be spot on if you are into bodybuilding to ensure the best results.

Protein bars are the easiest and convenient source to get a concentrated dose of protein every day. In this article, we will highlight some of the top-rated and most healthy protein bars in India.

What is a Protein Bars made up of, and what are its benefits?

Protein bars are nutritional bars with a large amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. They are actually helpful for athletes and workout people to gain muscle strength.

When it comes to the pros of protein bars in India, there are many.

If a protein bar is made from the right ingredients, it can be the perfect energy provider. Some of the best healthy protein bars are further in the blog.

Here are some of the primary benefits of Protein bars!

  1. Weight loss

Yes, the best protein bars are an ideal source of protein for your body. They also yield various other benefits for your body. For instance, special protein bars in India are available in the market if you are following a weight loss regime. You can consume these bars without gaining any weight while building muscles.

The key to weight loss is avoiding food with high sugar, fat, and sodium content. Protein bars keep you full for longer, automatically preventing you from consuming sugar-rich food.

  1. Powerhouse of energy

Not just for fitness fanatics but also for people who are lactose intolerant, protein is an awesome energy source. When protein gets digested in the body, your body provides a good supply of energy. This energy is necessary for hardcore workouts, running, and even traveling.

Therefore, protein bars are an ideal food item for a busy day.

  1. Post and pre-workout support

One of the prime benefits of protein bars is that they are ideal for pre and post-workout. The protein requirements for a bodybuilder or an athlete are higher as compared to a normal individual.

A protein bar typically has 20-30g of protein to help athletes stay on top of their game. Moreover, it can also help in repairing microscopic muscle tears that happen during the workout.

  1. Handles Hunger Pangs

We all experience those small and sudden hunger pangs between meals. Usually, consuming chocolates and chips seems like a good option. However, it is junk food that does not add to any health benefits. In a scenario like this, protein bars can be a great option.

Unlike chips and chocolates, protein bars do not cause any spikes in blood sugar levels. They not only satisfy your hunger pangs but also keep you full for a longer time.

  1. Convenience

There are various protein foods like protein shakes, fish, eggs, meat, etc. One common con of these things is that you cannot carry them everywhere with you. Well, this does not apply to healthy protein bars.

Weather does not affect the taste or nutritional value of the protein bars. As they have a longer shelf life, you just have to unwrap them and consume them. Therefore, making them super convenient to carry, store and consume.

  1. A type of meal replacement

Those of you who travel more and tend to skip a meal in your busy routine can replace your meal with a protein bar. Best Protein bars have almost all types of nutrients necessary for the body. However, making it a habit might lead to some adverse effects on the body.

Best Protein bars can support your body from missing one or two full meals. But excess consumption might lead to health problems, such as gastrointestinal issues or dehydration.

How to Choose the Best Protein Bars?

Looking forward to including protein bars in your daily diet plan? Here are some crucial aspects to keep in mind before buying some for yourself.

  1. Ingredients

There is a debate if protein bars are unhealthy. If you pay close attention to the ingredients, you can easily know that not all of the brand protein bars are unhealthy. Sugar, preservatives, and fillers are the key things to check in a protein bar.

There are numerous other ingredients put to use in place. Make sure you read the ingredients on the packet. For example, what kind of protein is present in it? Whey protein or soy protein. For gym lovers, dancers and athletes, whey protein is better than soy protein as it is soluble and speeds up the muscle recovery process.

Further, when it comes to sugar, you need to check if there are any artificial sweeteners like sugar alcohol. Sugar alcohols like Maltitol and Sorbitol can cause digestive distress or increase your blood sugar levels. If you can find plant extracts in protein bars, nothing is better.

  1. Nutritional content

Nutritional content is the second most crucial thing to check in a protein bar. There is no use for protein if you are consuming high-calorie bars with sugar and fat content. Therefore, before you make your final pick, analyse the nutritional content.

Look for bars with at least 15–20 grams of protein. If not, 10g is the lowest limit. Other than that, look for calories and fat content. Compare the ratio of protein to calories and protein to fat. If the protein-to-calorie ratio is higher, it is the best (over 50% is great).

Further, check if the protein bar is high in calories. If it is, it is probably because of the high sugar content. If it is, there is no need to buy it. However, if the sugar content is made from fruit or cane sugar, then it is consumable.

To keep your body healthy and your diet plan on track, look for a bar that has healthy fats. Such fats are made from seeds and nuts.

  1. Flavour

With a vast range of protein bars available in the market, we get to choose a flavour of our choice. The best ones you can go for are cookies and cream, peanut butter, chocolate, choco almond, choco cranberry, and more.

Best Protein Bars in India 2023

So far, we have seen almost everything about protein bars. Now, we have to see what protein bars are best for you!

  1. Ritebite Max Protein

Ritebite Max Protein bar is an excellent option for athletes and bodybuilders. This bar is one of the top recommendations by various athletes. Further, it is a must-try for those who tend to skip a meal or two.

With the right ingredients, Ritebite Max Protein provides a protein boost and energy for more hours of activity. The bar contains 5g of fibre, 20g of protein, and 21 other essential vitamins and minerals. Further, it also contains Omega-3, amino acids, and electrolytes.

Ritebite Max Protein bars India are available in various flavours like Choco Slim, Choco Fudge, Choco Berry, Honey Lemon, etc. The bar is of optimum quality and available at a reasonable price.

Price – INR 70 – INR 175

  1. Yogabar

As the name self-explains, just like yoga brings with it ample health benefits, a yogabar is the ideal on-the-go healthy snack for busy youngsters.

The Yogabar protein bar is loaded with nutrients. The bar provides your body with 20-22g of protein, prebiotic fibre, omega 3s, dietary fibre, calcium, and more. On top of that, it does not contain any soy protein. The protein in the Yoga Bar is derived from whey, lentil, and almonds.

The bar features all-natural ingredients, including grains, nuts, seeds, and millet. Further, it is available in several flavours like vanilla almond, cardamom and coffee, chocolate chunk, and more.

Price – INR 125

  1. Proathlix Protein bar

These multi-grain bars are great for those who have digestion issues. The Proanthlix Protein bar is the best solution to it.

The Proathlix Protein bar contains 15g of protein, 4g of fibre, 22g of carbs, and several other vitamins, minerals, and herbal blends. It contains flax seeds that can aid in cardiovascular health. Other than that, another key USP of the Proanthlix Protein bar is that it is cholesterol-free.

While it has herbal blends and is available in coffee, hazelnut, and mixed flavours, the Proanthlix Protein bar is still affordable.

Price – INR 115

  1. Hyp Protein bar

One of the key things you need to check in a protein bar is the source of protein. In the Hyp Protein bar, the source of protein is whey or milk. Both of these are natural and therefore provide remarkable health benefits.

The Hyp Protein bar contains around 20g of protein in 60g of serving, which is ideal for pre and post-workout nutrition intake. Additionally, the bar has 5g of fibre and 12g of carbohydrates. The collective effect of all these ensure you feel full for longer.

The bar is available in three yummy flavours: almond fudge, peanut butter, and chocolate.

Price – INR 100

What Precautions Need to be Taken While Consuming Protein Bars in India?

Yes, there are some precautions to keep in mind!

  1. Always consume the best protein bars available in the right quantity to avoid side effects.
  2. Keep yourself hydrated while consuming protein bars.
  3. Keep a close eye on the ingredients so that you can be sure of what goes into your stomach. This is especially helpful for the ones who are allergic to certain food ingredients.
  4. Consult your doctor if you are a pregnant woman.


So, are protein bars healthy? Yes, they can be defined as an exceptional source of healthy protein. However, before you choose any of them, keep a check on the right nutritional value that you are looking for If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder and want to find out more regarding sports or health benefits and diet for specific sports, check out the PlayO app.

The app is an excellent way to connect with the sporting community and talk to experts who are already professionals in the subject. Moreover, it enables you to find and book the best game options available around you. So, go and get started!

Pratheek Suryadev