How to fight boredom while swimming a lap- the best ways.

Swimming is a great physical activity and helps keep us in shape. However, it can get boring. But there are many ways to fight boredom while swimming.

Unlike in running or cycling, the scenery while swimming doesn’t change. In other cardio based activities, it is the pursuit of the destination that keeps you distracted.

Hence, swimming up and down a pool tends to lack entertainment and excitement.

Nowadays, there are many ways we can fight boredom while swimming. Here’s how:

Fight boredom while swimming:

1.Listen to music:

Yes, you read that correctly! Today, all sorts of waterproof earphones are available that you can easily take with you in the pool. Buy a pair and listen to your favourite tunes while having a great workout.

Now swimming can be super fun and listening to music gives you one the illusion of time going by faster.

2. Set small challenges for yourself:

By setting challenges and goals for yourself, you’ll be making swimming so much more fun!

In pursuit of reaching your goals, you’ll work even harder and not get bored doing the same. These small challenges can be things like telling yourself you will reach the end and back in a certain amount of time.

The adrenaline you get upon finishing the task/ reaching the goal will really give you that boost you need.

3. Try different strokes:

Doing the same thing over and over again can be boring, for anyone. So mix it up. There are various strokes in Swimming. Namely, freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke.

Alternate your laps using different strokes. Even if in a particular stroke you speed is slower, it’s okay. Wanting to be better and faster will drive you to keep going. Surely, this will help you fight boredom.

4. Use Swimming props:

There are many swimming props like floats, boards, weight etc, that can help you swim.

Using these props can make the entire swimming experience more fun and entertaining that swimming without them.

If you are already very good at swimming and want to take it to the next level, you can add weights. By doing this, swimming can be taken to the next level and become a well rounded workout.

5. Swim at different pools-

Swimming at different pools may not always be possible, but it is one way to fight boredom while swimming.

A different pool can be a change of scenery and even different pools vary in lengths. So try switching it up by finding a new pool to swim in if possible.

6. Try interval swimming-

Interval swimming can give one a break from the boring rut of getting into the pools and just swimming laps.

It gives swimming a purpose and the process of repetitiveness is broken.

There are many ways you can do this:

  • Swim halfway as fast as possible, the other halfway easy
  • You can swim one lap fast and the next lap slow
  • increase the laps and decrease the speed
  • You can increase your speed and decrease the laps

There are many ways you can do interval swimming. It will help you build speed and it is fun too.


Being an avid or regular swimmer, things can get boring. To give yourself a break from that boredom and to mix things up, try a few of these methods.

Swimming doesn’t have to be boring anymore!

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Nidhi Patel