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2 weeks ago

Monday Motivation! IPL ends, World Cup begins!

A couple of days after the final of IPL 2021, the T20 World Cup is already underway. What it means… Read More

1 month ago

5 Tips for Getting an Athletic Scholarship

One of the ways to enter an American university is through an athletic scholarship. Of course, this option is only… Read More

5 months ago

Is a mask required while exercising outdoor (COVID-19)? | Playo

Must we wear a mask while exercising outdoors? Find out here. The threat of COVID-19 is real. Sadly, it has… Read More

7 months ago

Why women need protein too | Importance of protein

Understand why women need protein in their diets too. Whenever it comes to protein, most of the talk is about… Read More

8 months ago

7 most watched sports in India | Playo

Indians love sports. But what are the most watched sports in India? Indians have a craze for Television. On any… Read More

8 months ago

Covid Safety -How to run safely during COVID-19 | Playo

Take a breath. Here is how you can run safely during covid times! Running outdoor could be the best exercise… Read More

8 months ago

Sports during periods- Should women play on their period? | Playo

Is it okay for women to play sports during periods? When it comes to women being on their periods, there… Read More

9 months ago

Women in sports | Why more women should play sports

Read why more women should play sports today! When someone talks about sports, whether it's watching or playing, people automatically… Read More

9 months ago

Gym Vs Sports in Covid -19 – Which is better?

Find out which is better- Gym Vs Sports in Covid -19 Keeping fit and staying in good shape should be… Read More

10 months ago