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Life Traits Made Better By Sports!

Sports builds character in life. Always give 100%

  • We love playing, everyone does and sports being a part of life is common for most. You might remember putting across a sliding tackle or a dive to get your bat into the crease. You gave in your 100% just because you loved it. Did you need someone to motivate you? Hell no! You were ready to break a guy’s leg to save the match. Would you do that for a promotion? Play more…you’ll get to breaking a leg there too.

Being a Team Player

  • Need I say more. Remember the unselfish pass which finished as a goal just because you thought your buddy had a better angle. You’d do the same for a friend in any other life situation. I’m not saying playing made you do this, but playing a sport didn’t make you think twice.

We fall only to get up

  • Yes, Batman also taught us this. Along with him,playing sports also has taught us this important life lesson. Sports literally teach you this. We pick up these lessons very subtly. Life is going to throw curve balls at you and strike you down. You will by instinct get up and smash the next ball for a home run. Let me give you an advice, play so much that this instinct becomes a habit. (PS : Just don’t fake your falls #Neymar#SergioBusquets)

Enjoy the Little Things in Life and Sports More

  • In life we sometimes smile but forget to jump high and punch the air. It was just a goal, a goal which will at the most be discussed at the bakery after the match and for this goal you jumped up fisted the air. Playing makes you stay that way. Playing teaches life to enjoy such little things more.

Be Free – No Distractions

  • A nice clean pass comes your way, you dribble your way around the last defender , you move towards the goalie wondering who is more nervous, him or you and then you take a kick aiming at the right top corner. Well I don’t know if you scored but I do know that in those 20 seconds you were free. You didn’t think about your salary hike, your exams or the ever rising petrol prices, because you were in the moment, in your very own moment which nobody could take away from you and it felt awesome! So always be free…always go play.

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Daanish Suhail