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Monday Motivation! IPL ends, World Cup begins!

A couple of days after the final of IPL 2021, the T20 World Cup is already underway. What it means to both, the sports fan in you and the fitness necessary millennial in you!

As soon as the glitz and glamour of the IPL got over, the title winning captain swapped his jerseys for a mentor role of the Indian National Team, for the ongoing World Cup. Whether the cool-headedness of MS and the fieriness of Virat combine to form A Song of Ice and Fire is something we will find it over a period of the next 30 days! This however means, you have better excuses for 30 more days to not start playing! Let’s try and break that monotony! Here’s how!

We understand that watching a game of your favourite team especially when they’re making a comeback is exhilarating indeed! Know what would excite you even more? Being in that position where you can make a total comeback and stun your opponent, yourself!! Ah, the bliss and satisfaction you’d enjoy from that! Ask anyone who plays a sport along with watching it, the rush can be equally exciting, they’ll tell you!

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If you’re someone who used to be a playoholic and are finding it difficult to get back on track after that “2-day break”, Hey, it’s about time. Remember how you used to sweat it and be proud of those smart plays you made? Well, stop relinquishing the past glory and get back on the floor! We want to see you back “On Fire”! Need extra motivation? Check out our @playoapp to find the best offers for your nearest and dearest venues!


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