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Is a mask required while exercising outdoor during COVID? | Playo

Must we wear a mask while exercising outdoors? Find out here.

The threat of COVID-19 is real. Sadly, it has disrupted our lives and daily routine. The norm of wearing face masks outside of our home has become normal.

When stepping out of our homes and going to a public place, wearing a mask is the safest option. And this is not just for you, but for the people around you.

But when it comes to running and exercising outdoors, there is quite a mixed opinion on masks.

Do i wear a mask while running/ exercising outdoors?

In a time like this, going for a run outdoors can be a saving grace. That hour of exercising just makes one feel sane again!

Getting out for fresh air and a bit of exercise can do you good. Of course, while following COVID protocols.

To honestly answer the question, is a mask required or not while running outside; one needs to know where they are going. It has become place dependent.

We all have seen pictures of parks and gardens being packed with people. If possible, going there is avoidable. But if that is your only option, we suggest you do wear a mask. If outdoors, it is always advisable to run where you can practice social distancing.

Ideally, choose a spot to run where there is absolutely no crowd. This way you can run and exercise without wearing a mask. This is definitely the more comfortable option. Not only are you safe, but also you can breathe freely.

Will I be able to run/exercise while wearing a mask?

It is true that wearing a mask while exercising isn’t comfortable. It tends to increase the difficulty of that particular physical activity. Wearing a mask can affect the airflow and can even increase heart rate. You also may feel tired much faster.

Be aware of the following:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Dizzyness
  • Light-headed

Due to these possible effects, it is said that wearing a mask is not advisable while intense physical activities.

If you are wearing a masking while running/exercising and feel any of the effects, stop immediately. Find a safe place where there aren’t people. Remove your mask and breathe normally. Have a sip of water if possible and catch your breath. Wait for your heart rate to come back to normal. If you are still not comfortable or are facing any problems, consult your doctor.

Remember this if you are wearing a mask while running/exercising:

While performing physical activities in a mask, it is bound to get wet from your sweat. The sensation of a damp face mask while running/exercising can be quite an unpleasant one. A wet mask isn’t going to be as effective as a dry mask. The air filtration process does get hampered.

Opt for masks that are made of a fabric that can absorb moisture. Make sure it isn’t too thick and restrictive as it will make breathing quite challenging. Choosing a mask with a band that goes around your head will ensure that it’s secure while running/exercising.

While handling your mask, it is important to keep your hands clean. Don’t touch your mask with sweaty and dirty hands. Make sure to regularly clean your mask.


Physical activity even in a time like this is a must. To avoid any danger to yourself and others, it is best advised you run or exercise where you can maintain proper social distancing. Going to a place where hardly any people come would be the best situation. This way you can avoid the trouble of wearing a mask and work out in peace.

If your regular place of exercise is full of people, follow all COVID protocols. Wear a mask.

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Nidhi Patel