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The benefits of playing chess are plenty. But these 6 benefits will shock you!

When you think about sports and all the goodness they bring to one’s health, we visualize and comprehend it to be more physically refreshing and refining. But there is one sport that definitely stands apart from the rest. Yes, we are gonna discuss about Chess and the endless mental benefits they pose for all the Chess enthusiasts.

  1. Increases the IQ

If you ever want to improve your IQ, then we have Chess to the rescue. Studies have proven that, Chess increases your brain activity and improves your IQ rapidly.

  1. Develops intense problem-solving skills

Chess is all about fighting the opponent’s army and successfully finding a solution to defend yours and win the war. It teaches you the importance of strategy and how your crazy plots could fetch you the greatest win you have ever had.

  1. Boosts Creativity

Every move in Chess involves a lot of thought process. Every move is a unique step and it requires a weird sense of creativity to stand apart from the rest. One four-year study had students from grades 7 to 9 play chess, use computers, or do other activities once a week for 32 weeks to see which activity fostered the most growth in creative thinking.

  1. Teaches you the importance of planning

Plan your moves or you’ll get screwed – That’s all that you learn from Chess. Chess being a strategy game strengthens planning skills in teenagers and help them cope with the challenges that life has in store for them.

  1. Improves memory and thinking

Chess provides ample mental exercise to both the parts of the brain which aggravates thinking and memory. It is also said to improve concentration and focus. A study of Pennsylvania sixth-graders found that students who had never before played chess improved their memories and verbal skills after playing.

6. Chess improves memory

It shouldn’t be a surprise that chess players have extremely strong memories. Chess does require one to memorise a lot of different strategies and sequences. Remembering these requires good memory skills.

There was a research that was conducted where the memory of chess players and non- chess players were tested. It was found that the chess players were able to recall most things in comparison to the non-chess players.


Have you ever tried playing chess? If not, don’t wait for it. Just go grab yourself a board and start with it.

The benefits of playing chess are many. It even helps with teaching one patience. It may not be an easy game to master, but it sure is fun. Who doesn’t love a good challenge?


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