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How To Increase Height? Does Playing Volleyball Help?


India’s Nirmala (R) and Anju Balakrishnan defend during group B preliminary volleyball match between India and Kazakhstan at
Asian Games in Jakarta / August 23, 2018 / AFP PHOTO / PUNIT PARANJPE

How to increase height? Does Volleyball help?! Before reading the blog, you deserve to know that this is a topic widely debated and numerous sources can be found online that support or negate the claim. This blog has been written with the purest intentions of letting you know the factors we believe could have an effect!

If you don’t know how the sport is played, it’s quite simple. There are two teams of six players each with the net separating them. Each team gets three touches before the ball has to reach the opposite court. If you fail to do so, opponent wins a point. If you are successful in returning a ball in three shots and the opponent fails, you win a point! Generally, winning three sets of 25 points will win you the match.

Now let’s come to the question in limelight, does playing volleyball help you increase height?

Well, there are numerous studies out there that suggest the relation between playing a sport like volleyball or basketball and growing taller. There are experts who claim that the stimulation of pituitary glands and growth plates is an explanation for the relation of playing and height. Now what stimulates these body parts you ask? Jumping! As simple as that!

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Jumping helps to boost the nutrient and oxygen supply in your bloodstream, stimulating the growth plates. As a result, more bone tissue is produced which is necessary for growth. Put A and B together and you’d understand, more the jumps performed, more the bone tissues made by growth plates!

Image Courtesy: LiveAbout

Additionally, a possible explanation could be that jumping makes your bones stronger too. Posture of a person also improves as they start playing a sport like volleyball. The straighter you stand, better your chance for reaching the ball and improved posture comes along with that!

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