5 Drills That May Prevent Injuries While Playing

While injuries are part and parcel of every sport but it can be totally prevented if we take care of a few things before playing. A proper warm-up can be one of those reasons apart from that hydration too plays a very important part.

There are a few drills that may not look as cool as others but they are important to keep you away from a bad injury. These drills will help you get your lesser-used and frequently injured muscles to activate and give them a wake-up call before the game.

Without further ado, we can jump straight into 5 drills that will help you play safer and better.

5 drills to prevent injury:

#1. Forearm Plank

The age-old forearm plank comes to your rescue when you want to wake up your cores, that you use for every sport.

#2. Bird Dog

While planks push your core, bird dogs stabilize your movement.

#3. Walking Lunge:

Walking lunges help improve both your movement and stability.

#4. Foam Rolling Exercises:

It is a poor man’s way to release knots and improve the movement of those muscles which are more prone to injuries while playing.

#5. Glute Bridges:

They help in awakening our lower backs and posterior chain muscles which can be prone to injury if not warmed-up properly.

Now that we know the important drills to do before every game, getting an injury should be a thing of past soon!


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