5 Real Problems You Face While Defending in a Football Match

5 Real Problems You Face While Defending In A Football Match! Attacks win you matches and defence wins you titles. This is was told by one of the greatest managers of all times Sir Alex Ferguson. The defense is so important in a match.

With a strong defence, the attacking players can play with freedom. They do not have to worry much about defending. Let’s talk about the problems teams face while defending.

Here’s a video of it:

#1. Too much space to play in the midfield

When there is a lot of space to play in the midfield, it is easy to pickpocket spaces and play the passes. This helps in the attacking teams getting a better hold of the ball.

Which helps in having better possession which leads to creating more chances. The midfield should try to intercept the passes in the midfield. They should win the midfield battle to have better control of the game.

#2. Wing-back pressing too much high up the field

When the team is attacking, we usually see wing-backs push high up the field to support the attack. There are times when they do that. They leave spaces at the back for the opponent to counter. These spaces are often covered by the centre back and centre defensive midfielder. When they counter-attack with a lot of players, it gets hard for the team to sustain the counter-attack.

This lead to opponent conceding in a counter-attack. To avoid this from happening. The full-backs are asked to play as invented full-backs lately. When they play as an inverted full-back, they play as another midfielder. This will stop counter-attacks from happening.

#3. Trying to play out from the back

Few teams lack a ball playing centre half. When the teams play out from the back, it is important that the centre backs are good with the ball. This will help them to play the ball out from their own half to the midfield.

Sometimes due to an unforced error, the ball is given to the opponent when playing out from the back. This is yet another issue caused while defending.

#4. Playing a high line in defence with slow defenders

The high line is referred to in football as pushing all the players higher up the pitch than their usual position. This is done to trap the players offside. If the striker plays on the line of the defender’s shoulder. The player is said to be onside.

If the defender is slow, then playing on the shoulder of the defender is the right thing to do. This is because if they played through, the striker can beat the defender with pace and be through on goal. To avoid this from happening, it is advised to have defenders who are quick to make the lives of the strikers a bit more difficult.

#5. Having Wingers who don’t trackback

As the full-backs support the wingers while attacking. It is expected that wingers support the full-backs while defending. It is expected that wingers track up and help out the defence. One wing has more than one player coming in. It is expected that winger marks one player and full back will mark another player.

Centre Defensive Midfielder will mark the other if more than two players are passing the ball around in one wing. This way the entire team defends as a unit. This is crucial to have control of the game. The entire team should play as one unit to win games. Having wingers who trackback will really do a world of good.

#6. The positioning of the defender

A lot of defensive mistakes happens due to bad positioning. The defender can intercept the passes by being in a good position.

If you are in the passing lane, the player has to turn back and can’t pass in that space. The attacker can’t run behind you or receive the ball if he’s been covered effectively. These can be solution to your problems while defending.


Aditya Sreevatsava