5 Tennis Tips Which No One Tells You

Tennis Tips | Tennis is a wonderful sport. It is a lot of fun and quite challenging too once you get the hang of it. Watching the elite players play can be such a delight. But that doesn’t just come to them like magic. It takes years and years of practice, hard work and dedication.

The top players seem to just glide on the court from side to side so effortlessly. To reach this stage is not impossible if you have the will to and the determination to make it there. But it all begins by starting as a beginner.

Here are a few untold Tennis tips one should keep in mind, they are:

#1. Practice is KEY:

As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. This is something all sports players can attest to.  

An image that describes how practice is the key in Tennis
Practice is what is going to make beginners improve and get better and closer to their goal each day.

Even top-level players till date focus on their practice so diligently as what you do in practice is what you will do in a match. It is during practice that one realises their mistakes and how to improve on them.

#2. Crawl and walk before you can run:

Tennis pros are not made overnight. It takes years of efforts and practice to reach a good level. To see our favourite Tennis stars play fancy strokes should definitely motivate us to play like them but that does not mean that before being thorough with the basics that we can jump into learning the more advanced strokes.

Fancy shots are something beginners should avoid to do.

Beginners may get influenced to want to try to play these advanced strokes before attempting to master the basic strokes. This is something beginners should avoid to do.

#3. Break down each movement:

At a high level, Tennis players move easily around the court. But again that takes practice and understanding how to move about the court.

Beginners should take each movement and analyse it with their coach or senior players, in order to understand the mechanism behind each movement.

#4. Always be vocal:

Interacting with your coach is a must. Your coach will be able to point out what is wrong and what needs work and how. Shying away from addressing your difficulties and clearing out your doubts will take you steps back instead of front.

#5. Ask for feedback:

Be it a coach, senior or fellow player, always ask about feedback. Ask them what they felt was wrong during a particular practice session or during a practice match. This will give you an all-round understanding as to how you can improve and what to avoid doing while playing. It will also shed light on the positive part of your game.


Keep these unspoken Tennis tips in mind as they are a step closer to helping you achieve your dreams. Play Tennis not only as an exercise or future career. Play Tennis to have fun!

When you learn to have fun while playing, you will enjoy what you do more and will be more receptive towards the negatives. You will strike to turn the negatives into positives and you will look forward to playing each and every day.

Playing can get serious and competitive. But in the midst of all that, do not forget to just have fun.


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Nidhi Patel