10 Minute Badminton Defence Drills That You Can Try at Home

Badminton Defence Drills| Wondering why do we need to do badminton defence drills? Well, the entire point of defence drills is to cease your opponent from scoring.

Many players, especially beginners, only focus on their attacking play and never their defensive game. While attacking is necessary to score points, defence is what will help you keep your opponent from scoring against you.

To improve our defence tactics, we should include a few defence drills like wall practice. Before we start with the drills, it’s important to stretch first. Like any other sport or physical activity, warm-ups are imperative in order to avoid injuries.

This essentially helps your muscles get stretched and ready for action. Especially with these badminton defence drills, you’ll need to make sure your muscles are warmed up.

Here are the strengthening exercises:

Here’s a badminton drill that you can do to improve your defence:

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