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How Does Sports Induce Happiness In People’s Lives?

SPORTS AND HAPPINESS | When was the last time you felt so surreal out of happiness? Don’t quite remember? Maybe you should start playing a sport and you would know exactly how to define happiness the right way.

If you are someone who plays sports frequently; try and think about how you feel while playing a sport? Every time you play a sport, there is a change in your mood on the field. Your spirits are high and you keep moving around the court like there is no better feeling in this world. You want to keep playing even if your feet hurt. There is a rush of energy that is absolutely irreplaceable. Did you have any idea why you feel so much of happiness when you play sports? This has to because of the hormones or brain-boosting chemicals doing magic inside your body, definitely.

The Connection Of Brain To Sports:

The feeling that you experience while playing sports is contributed by the two main brain-boosting chemicals inside your body:

  1. Dopamine
  2. Serotonin

When you are moving energetically on the court, your body starts producing a feel-good chemical called Dopamine. This signals your brain that everything is going well right now and cheers your brain up. Dopamine is called as the “Happy Hormone” because of the kind of vibes it sends to your body. All those happy feelings and pleasure that builds up in your body when you encounter people and things that you love the most is because of this super hormone. Dopamine is secreted every time you do an intense physical activity and keeps increasing the longer you go. Once you stop, the dopamine levels come down. This is why you feel so much zeal when you are playing sports.

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Another feel-good chemical associated with sports is Serotonin. It is another brain-boosting chemical that is produced in your body when you play sports. This mostly sets on when you are done playing, so the serotonin levels start increasing. Increased Serotonin levels indicate a happy life and fewer signs of depression.

If you regularly play sports, you can see that your body starts feeling a lot of changes and your mood also is happier than ever.

Happier Friends, Happier Life

Every time you play sports, you are encountering individuals who are operating at the same frequency as you. They have higher dopamine levels and they are usually high in spirits. This gives rise to healthier relationships which are bound to last a lifetime. This solves a lot of everyday issues and makes your mood feel lighter. No matter how stressed you are because of work, one game with such folks and you are back to form.

This kind of therapy is necessary to maintain a balance in life and fight toxicity out. Playing sports is one of the best ways to improve your life manifolds. So don’t wait just yet, if you are looking for sports venues around you, download the PLAYO app on your phone and get going right away.

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