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How Much Does Your Metabolism Change In Your 20’s And 30’s

How Much Does Your Metabolism Change In Your 20’s And 30’s? Weight loss becomes a huge challenge after the age of 30. Once you complete 30, you would have to learn how you can increase the metabolism of your body and ways to maintain it.

As mostly by 30’s you get married, have children and settle into a serious career, because of all this it becomes hard for you to reduce weight and stay fit as before.

But in your 20’s healthy metabolism comes to you naturally.

Well by the time you reach your 20’s, you already have experienced many changes like puberty, growth spurts, etc. But when you enter the next decade of your life, you will experience major changes in mental and physical upheaval.

To maintain yourself and increase your metabolism you just need to be organized and get savvy.

Metabolism during 20’s:

Metabolism during 20’s is the same as you had in your late teenage. Because of more growth and muscle development in this age, your body will have more cells burning the calories actively. Also, your bones build till the age of 25 which requires extra energy.

In late 20’s, you would feel the change in the energy of your body while eating and doing exercise as the body requirements change with age. You might not even notice but there is a 2% decrease in the metabolic activities in the late twenties, this means that the rate at which we consume food energy reduces a little bit while the rate at which you store increases a bit.

So it becomes crucial to work on strength and resistance training in your workout sessions. Weighted exercise helps to build muscle, increase in number of high-powered muscle cells in body, which leads to rise in your basal metabolic burn. Not to forget, strength training is a great complement to any fitness regime.

Metabolism in 30’s

Mostly the body starts reducing muscle mass at the age of 35. Body composition plays a major role in how efficiently and quickly the body uses energy. As the body mass decreases in the mid-30’s, you would be able to see the change in body metabolism very easily.

The sad reality is with more fat and less muscle the body would need fewer calories to maintain weight. The fact is if you do not use muscular strength, you tell your body that it does not require cells to drift energy and because of this, the body will store that energy as fat.

When you reach your 30’s production of Human Growth Hormone stops which were active in 20’s, this as well reduces you body metabolism. The good part is that strength training can help in maintaining and increasing bone health and muscle mass which leads to increase in HGH levels as well it increases the metabolism which keeps you mainitained.

Make sure that you give a lot of rest to your body which will aid in regenerating and utilizing the extra energy.

There are few things that you should do extra to increase your metabolism in 30’s than 20’s:

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Do good exercises
  3. Don’t consume too much caffeine
  4. No overeatin
  5. Count your daily steps
  6. Begin the morning with stretching
  7. Start building muscles
  8. Arrange mini workouts
  9. Eat healthy and in short periods

Also have a look at this video to boost up your metabolism in your 30’s for a healthy and youthful living.

Garima Pachauri