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Is Meditation Really Important In Sports

How mediation can be the answer to your sports-related disputes.


Meditation and Sports | Athletes and sportsmen/women, in general, are physically always exerting themselves and can be under a lot of pressure. This pressure could be to perform better or even train harder.

Mentally by the end of the day athlete are very tired and need a way to channelize that fatigue.

Meditation is the answer. Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. A lot of things in life are not in our control. However, we can control our mind and thoughts.

We have the ability to change our state of mind for the better. This is where meditation steps in. It helps us have a more positive attitude and outlook to life.

This is very important for a player inculcates in his/her daily life. Whether a player/athlete is just about to step on the court/field/ground for a match or just to practice, his/her full attention and focus are needed.

Lack of focus can result in poor play and practice. This is something all players do not like to go through.

The end goal is to attain a state of clarity, but of course, it is not that easy and is quite a process. Just like the body, the mind has to be trained to achieve the state of being blank. Like any workout, meditation requires discipline.

a person meditating
For sportsmen physically training themselves and practising on a day to day basis is definitely hard. But what they find to be even harder is the mental part. Source.

Having an off day, performing badly in a match, things not going the way they planned to happen with all players. But dealing with the effects it has on their mind is quite challenging for them.

This is when and why meditation should be resorted to. It is a speedy and cost-effective solution that works.

A mind that wavers is a mind that will make mistakes. Mistakes are avoidable and they can prevent sportsmen/women from winning. Stress is what athletes feel in abundance, but letting the stress get to you, is what will cost you points. It hampers the ability to focus and concentrate.

The answer to all this is meditation. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, the inability to maintain focus and it improves concentration and confidence.

Why is meditation important for athletes and sportsmen:

  • Improves one’s self-identity:

Meditation can help a person to overcome their weaknesses and blind spots that make it difficult for them to perform. It improves the challenges that come with performance and makes it easier to manage.

Meditation in sports doesn’t only aid and assist a sports person to perform better, it also helps them cope with emotions like anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses they may be suffering from. Source.

When a player suffers from an injury that puts their career to a halt, they should use meditation to cope with their injury. It even helps the athlete to get back to the sports post an injury.

  • Enhanced performance:

An athlete who uses meditation as part of his/her training routine will find that he is able to perform better. Practising meditation with visualisation helps an athlete to achieve certain targets and goals he/she has set for themselves.

  • Improves the recovery process:

Athletes are always training hard and practising around at the clock. Rest and recovery are very important to athletes. Without proper sleep and recovery, an athlete’s performance will start to deteriorate.

Recovery doesn’t only mean the recovery of muscles, it also includes recovery of the mind and mental exhaustion a player goes through on a daily basis.

Meditation helps in improving the recovery process. Source.

It improves the quality of sleep an athlete gets. A player who practices meditation regularly can recover from their practice and training session faster.

  • Reduction of stress:

Stress is something that can hamper a sportspersons’ performance a lot. Reducing stress levels is vital for sportspersons’ to be able to focus and play well. With stress, sportspersons’ cant performs at his optimal level.

By practising meditation regularly, one’s body tends to relax and be at ease.

This will guide you and teach you how to meditate:


Meditation is an inexpensive and highly effective method that should be used by athletes to help them focus and relax. If you feel like you are not able to concentrate or focus, you should try meditation.

Nidhi Patel