Protective Equipment that is a MUST While Playing Cricket!

Just like any other sports cricket too has certain equipment which not only helps players improve their performance but also protect them.

The equipment required by players is strictly regulated by the Laws of Cricket, a set of rules that apply to cricket games across the world.

Here is a list of protective equipment you would need while playing cricket:

  • Jockstrap– A jockstrap is meant for supporting the male genitalia during vigorous physical activity.
  • Abdominal Guard– An abdominal guard is usually worn by male batsmen and wicketkeeper. It is usually a hollow half-pear structure that is inserted into the jockstrap to protect the crotch area against the impact of the ball.

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  • Helmet- Helmets are usually worn by the batsmen who are on strike to protect their heads from the ball. They sometimes come with visors.
  • Sunglasses or Protective Eyewear is usually worn by wicketkeepers and the fielders. It is meant to ensure that the players can see clearly on sunny days. It protects their eyes not only from the harmful UV rays but also protects them from the ball.
  • Leg Pads– There are two types of leg pads that are used, those that are meant for the batsmen and wicketkeeper. They are worn to protect the shin bone from the impact of the ball.
  • Thigh, Arm, Elbow and Chest Guards– These are all worn by batsmen to protect their bodies. They are worn depending on the comfort of the player. Some players do not use certain guards since it reduces mobility.
  • Gloves– Another essential protective equipment is gloves. Gloves worn by the batsmen are thickly padded over the fingers and the gloves worn by the wicketkeepers have webbing between the thumb and index finger. They serve different purposes and are designed accordingly.


Protective gear offers great safety to the players and it is very imperative that the equipment bought is of good quality and that the equipment is used properly.


Akshaya Anil