Tennis: Drills You Must Do To Improve Agility

Looking for tennis drills? In a game like Tennis, your objective should be to be able to move quickly around the court and achieve that initial explosive speed that is required to enable you to develop swiftness on the court.

This is something that doesn’t come very easily. It has to be developed over time. Most players struggle with this. In order to be a good Tennis player, one needs to be quick and agile.

How you start your movement will determine how you carry yourself on the court and at what speed you move.

Rapid response, quick reaction and controlled acceleration and declaration are all very important aspects in the game of Tennis.

To increase speed and to be more agile the following are important to incorporate:

#1. Breaking/ Deceleration drills:

Having a good and strong deceleration technique is something all good players have and that will give them an edge over the other players.

You may be able to take off or accelerate very quickly, but if you are not able to stop or decelerate on time, then there is no use of that explosive power. In order to decelerate quickly, the player must be able to absorb force mainly through flexion of the knee and hip.

Watch and do these drills :

#2. Agility drills:

Being agile means being able to slow down, speed up and change directions whenever it is needed with smoothness and swiftness while maintaining balance and being in control of your body.

This can be quite a challenge for new players and beginners. But by doing these specific drills one can easily find a change in their movement.

There are many drills and variations one can do, but these are some of the must do drills you should follow:

#3. Reactive drills:

Being able to respond quickly and change direction at the last minute is very important. Even though agility drills will help in changing directions and being quick, there are specific drills one needs to follow to be able to react extremely quickly.

This also ensures that you are still in the rally and have not lost the point due to poor reactions.

Being able to anticipate the return to your shot is very important, but if you are not able to anticipate the return, you need to rely on your reactions. Anticipation can work sometimes, but you can’t always rely on them to win a point.

Watch these specific reaction drills and incorporate them into your training:


Tennis is all about speed, agility and quick reactions. Once you are able to work on those, your game will improve drastically and you will be able to play much more easily.


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Nidhi Patel