Tennis: Easy Tips To Maintain Your Rackets

Wondering how to maintain your Tennis Rackets? Tennis as a sport can get quite expensive as one needs to often buy new equipment, kitting and get their racket guts and grip changed. On top of that, one needs to maintain their equipment in order to ensure that it doesn’t spoil or break as that additional expenditure can be a burden.

This applies specially while taking care of our tennis rackets. Even though tennis rackets are sturdy, they can break and go out of shape if you do not maintain it.

Often players tend to throw their racket in frustration or bang it on the ground which can cause it to break or scratch. But all this can be avoided if we put in efforts to care for our rackets.

Here are a few tips that can help you to make sure your racket is always in good shape.

#1. Do not expose your racket to excessive heat:

Tennis rackets are made up of graphite which can start getting distort when placed in an environment where the temperatures are very high. Do not leave your racket in the back of your car exposed for days as the racket will start getting damaged.

Make sure to place your racket in a kit bag when not in use, as kit bags generally come with a heat resistant lining that provides the rackets from getting exposed to high temperatures.

#2. String your racket within its limits:

The range of every racket is different. This has been tested by the manufacturer, hence it is wise to not go beyond the range that is recommended by them. If you gut your racket at a higher than recommended tension chances are if there is a mishit or a clash with your partner the racket can break or crack. Hence it is always safe to be within the limit of tension your racket can bare.

3. The grip should be replaced when needed:

This is one very important tip as a lot of players. Beginners and club level players do not realise the effects of not changing the racket grip.

The grip of the racket should be changed as there could be a few problems one can face. One is that the player can get blisters and other skin related issues. This can be quite painful and will definitely keep you out of the court. The other is if the grip isn’t changed on time, the racket can slip from your hand causing bodily damage to the racket.

4. Do not throw/bang your racket:

We all have bad days where our game is not up to the mark or if we make many mistakes. This is one reason players throw their racket in frustration or even bang it on the ground. This can have consequences that are immediately regretted by players.
One should make a conscious effort to contain their anger on the court to prevent any damage to their expensive rackets.

5. Do not hit other objects with your racket:

Sometimes people try and bounce off various items from their tennis racket not realising that it can permanently damage their racket. It is wise to just hit a tennis ball with the racket and nothing else.

Even one should take care while handling the racket and not placing heavy items on it.


If are not careful with your racket you may do some irreversible damage. Follow these tips to make sure you don’t regret your actions.


Nidhi Patel