Tennis: 4 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Warming Up

4 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Warming Up For Tennis! Before playing any sport, or doing any intense workout it is necessary to get the body warmed up and to activate the muscles. Without doing a good warm-up the muscles can get damaged and strained which can set you back by weeks.

Tennis is such a sport where all muscles come into play and they function together. If warmed up well, it can help in boosting your game. A good warm-up before going on the court will also keep you mentally active and ready for play.

Doing a good and thorough warm-up regularly can help in preventing injuries. Injuries in a sport like Tennis are very common, it loads are back, knees and ankles. Just getting on court before preparing our bodies can be very risky.

If you do a particular kind of warm-up before you get on the court, it can help you play better.

Here’s how:

#1. Focus on opening up the whole body:

Right from your head to your toes, make sure you get them all open. All the muscles should be warmed up as they all will be working together while playing Tennis.

It is essential that we do not leave out any muscles and that we pay attention to all. Take your time to make sure all your muscles are open and ready for play.

#2. Before starting make sure to knock around:

Before playing the actual match or even starting your practice one should knock or ‘toss’ around for 2-3 minutes to get the muscles and joints active and make them ready for play. This should be done even if a good warmup has been done.

#3. Doing Shadows:

A light session of shadows before play as warmup can be quite beneficial. Shadows is a way of moving around the court with your racket, but not actually playing any shot.

It mimics the game, but it focuses on how players should be moving and swinging their racket during actual help. It helps in footwork and opens the body up for actual play. Doing shadows can be one of the best ways to warm up.

#4. Using the foam roller:

Our muscles can get really tight and stiff if you are playing a sport as intense as Tennis. Getting back on court the following day can be quite a challenge if your muscles do not comply. But to release your muscles you should consider using a foam roller.

A foam roller is a device that helps in releasing tight muscles and helps in massaging them and making them ready for play. Foam rollers are used by athletes all over as it is a great way to warm up.

The warm-up is important and doing it right can really boost your game. Neglecting to do a warmup can set you behind in the long run.

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Nidhi Patel