5 Most Economical Tennis Rackets Online

ECONOMICAL TENNIS RACKETS | Are you planning to get trained in Tennis? Then you should be wondering how to go about next. First, go ahead and find yourself some great coaching academies in your locality. This is the most crucial part of Tennis as it is one such sport that needs a lot of assistance. Secondly, you should be getting yourself a good racket. As Tennis rackets are pretty much expensive and if you don’t want to shed a lot of money, in the beginning, it is better to opt for something that does well on the budget. Check out these insanely cheap Tennis rackets you can pull from the online store.

1) Nivia Attack Ti Tennis Racket 

Priced at just Rs. 1043, this is Amazon’s best seller and recommended buy amongst the tennis rackets listed out. This racket is made out of Aluminium body and comes with a full cover. So for starters, this will make an epic Tennis racket. Buy it on Amazon.

2) Cosco Max Power G5 Strung

Flipkart is offering this racket for as low as 1070 bucks. The racket is strung and comes with a full cover and weighs almost 300g. The entire body is made out of Aluminium. This racket is much suited for the adults who have just started playing Tennis. You can buy this racket on Flipkart. 

3) Nivia G-21 Aluminium Tennis Racquet

Nivia G-21 Tennis racket is an aluminium body tennis racket that is designed and manufactured especially for the kids. The racket size is 21 inches and comes with a cover so it is much suited for kids below the age of 8. It is priced at  You can buy this racket on Amazon.

4) Wilson Advantage XL 4 3/8 Strung

Wilson is the premier manufacturer of Tennis rackets and the quality is supreme. This strung racket weighs around 290g and comes with a cover. This racket is very much helpful for the beginners and it is priced at Rs. 1793. Buy it on Flipkart.

5) Wilson Energy Tennis Racquet

This racket is priced at Rs. 2029 and is manufactured by Wilson. The racket is available in yellow colour. This racket is much suited for the beginner level. Buy it on Amazon.

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