5 Nature Sports to Celebrate World Environment Day

In a world where the polar caps are melting and forest lands are increasingly becoming lesser, the urgency to spread awareness about World Environment Day and environment conservation becomes more important.

June 5th is celebrated as World Environment Day, where people from all over the globe engage in discussions about nature and its current state. It is also common practice for schools and other organizations to distribute saplings to the members.

However, celebrating World Environment Day goes only as far as that, as we all get back to our busy lives right after. What we all need to do is make a conscious effort to be cognizant of this ecosystem that we are all part of.

While most sports we play are enjoyed indoors, here are 5 sports that won’t exist without nature. These activities will remind you of how truly beautiful the environment around us actually is.


Surfing is considered a fun, recreational activity and a way of life by seasoned surfers. But did you know it is an Olympic event? This extreme competitive sport has its own sets of rules and ethics.

In surfing competitions, surfers compete in ‘heats’ which last about 30 minutes. A surfer takes on as many waves as possible, at the end of which their best two scoring waves are combined to calculate their total score. 

Mountain Biking

In a mountain bike race, Mountain Bikes, also known as MTBs, are used to tread along a preplanned trail. Anyone who goes off the trail is considered disqualified. This is a relatively new sport and Mountain Biking has been included in the Olympics since 1996.


Sailing is one of the oldest water sports and has been in the Olympic sports since 1900. All boats cater to a standard set by World Sailing, the international governing body for sailboat racing.

There are different types of races with varying rules and boat specifications. This is to ensure that the competitors win by skill and not superior equipment.


Skiing is perhaps the most popular nature sport in the list. This is also one of the most popular winter sports there is. Competitive Skiing competitions include Alpine, Nordic and freestyle events. 


In Canoeing competitions, competitors place themselves in a canoe in a striding position, and are supposed to paddle in their lane and not stray away. Any canoe that goes off its lane by 5 metres will be considered disqualified.


While many of these sports are not accessible to everyone, it doesn’t hurt to partake in these activities for recreational purposes. Several businesses across India provide these experiences in safely curated atmospheres where you can receive the right guidance as well.

Remember, trying out any of these sports without an instructor can be extremely dangerous and can lead to harmful results. So, always make sure you have the right safety gear and a well rested, energized body before you take them on.

Pratheek Suryadev