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5 Sports You Should Start Playing This New Year

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”

5 Sports You Should Start Playing This New Year | A cliché quote that we are all tired of hearing because it is true and also we are unable to follow the same, despite knowing how much we tell ourselves to do it.

We take up resolutions to start going to a gym regularly or to exercise daily but we are not able to keep pushing ourselves to take it till the end of the year without losing our motivation.

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But this is where we come in to tell you that you won’t have to push yourself to workout in a gym when you can play your way through.

Yes, playing a sport can do the same benefit as that of going to a gym or even more. You can play and enjoy yourself rather than force your unmotivated self to go to the gym.

Here are 5 sports that you can try for yourself and know the difference:

  1. Tennis

The speed and agility required to move across the court make a tennis player, one among the fittest people on the planet. Veterans of the sport will see their coordination, flexibility, balance and brain function enhanced.


The craftiness and skill of the older folks can easily make up for the loss of speed and power.

2. Swimming

Water provides natural resistance, helping in building and toning muscles. Swimming also can strengthen the heart, improve flexibility, and work muscles that are mostly ignored during other exercises, it reduces stress and burns a lot of calories.


As terrific as swimming is for athletes of all ages, it has also got added benefits for senior citizens.

3. Cycling

Cycling has proven its benefits to those who are regular with it. They are good for your heart, mental health, immune system and calves, which will certainly keep us fit as a fiddle.


If you have a half an hour free during the day, you could rent a bike and go around cycling in a park. It is the easiest and cheapest means of exercising. Half an hour of cycling can also burn a lot of calories, did you know?

4. Running

Running can help burn a lot of calories, which is the easiest way to lose weight. Your cardiovascular fortitude benefits increase from a running program.


Running can lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of heart attack. Over the course of time, you will learn to control your body while running, and also improve your reflexes.

5. Badminton

One of the sports that is played most after Cricket and can be played by any age-group. There are several venues that are rising and helping the sport to grow further.


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The best way to have a healthy life is to start playing a game that you enjoy.

Happy new year and enjoy playing!

Karthika Menon