Essential Tennis Tips To Improve Your Forehand

Not only is tennis a fun and challenging hobby; it’s also fantastic for health — people who play tennis regularly have a 56% lower risk of dying of heart disease or a stroke than people who don’t play any sport, Harvard Health reports. Tennis is also linked to better cholesterol levels, lower body-fat percentage, and improved aerobic fitness. When it comes to improving your game, your forehand is a basic yet crucial technique that must be honed. Here are some tennis tips on how to!

Get into the correct position

Before you can successfully hit the ball, you’ll need to get in the correct forehand position. By ensuring proper footwork and racket preparation, you’ll generate the control, power and balance needed to pull off an effective forehand. So, as you set up for the ball, make sure to stay on your toes. Pivot your foot in the ball’s direction as it flies towards you — you need to be able to move fast to time the backswing correctly. To get into a proper forehand stance, turn your shoulders sideways, and leave a slight bend in your knees while stretching your left hand out in front of you. Position your racket behind your body ready for the backswing, with your elbow held in close.

Perfect your backswing

Tennis tips for perfecting your backswing is essential for performing a strong forehand. This technique takes plenty of practice. If you don’t always have a tennis partner on hand, a tennis ball machine is a useful alternative. Tennis ball machines let you practice on your own time, perform a variety of shots, and ultimately help you become a better player. To start, make sure your left shoulder is facing the net. Ideally, place some of your weight on your back leg so you’re ready to quickly shift it to the front while holding your arm out for balance. When you’re ready, move your weight onto your front leg. Move your racket in a circular motion, preparing to hit the ball powerfully. To swing, you should grip your racket tightly, lock your elbow, and turn your body towards the ball. Your front leg should also be slightly bent. To hit a topspin, keep your racket face semi-closed, and brush up on the ball to generate a quick, powerful shot. 

Remember to follow through

If you allow tension in your arm to slow down your racket speed, it’s easy to forget to follow through on your shot. So make sure you let go of arm tension, which can also help give your shot more power. After hitting the ball, focus on moving your racket in the same direction as you want the ball to go — you’ll find this aids balance and better readies you for your next shot. Although it can be tempting to watch the ball, keep your head down to keep your shot on target. With your arm relaxed, bring your racket completely over your shoulder to finish your follow through. 

Perfecting your forehand is essential for becoming a better tennis player. Use these tips to improve your forehand technique, and you’ll be on top of your game in no time.

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