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How Are Sports And Tech Related

Over the years, the sports industry has really advanced and this all due to the rise of tech.

Technology plays such a vital role in sports in various different ways. It helps us in analysing sports performances, gives accurate measurements, enables the referees, officials and umpires make better and correct decisions. Even the way spectators view sports is now enhanced.

For a player to analyse his/her performance in his/her respective sport is of prime importance. Years and years ago it was difficult for a player to record him/herself, but today with all sorts of cameras, DSLRs, wide lens cameras and even smartphones with advanced cameras, one can easily record themselves. By recording themselves, one can easily view their performance, pause and analyse mistakes and even send them to their coaches or teammates. This is all now possible due to advanced technology.

Another huge leap in the sports world due to technology is the ‘hawkeye’ system. It is one of the best and most used systems in almost all sports. The hawkeye is a computer system that shows the trajectory of the ball/shuttle and how and where it lands. It can exactly help us analyse how the ball or shuttle was hit which helps the umpire/ referee give the right decision.

Hawkeye System

The hawkeye system can be the aid a player needs when he/she is down. If the referee or umpire gives a wrong decision or was not able to give the right one, the hawkeye comes to the rescue.

Even the rackets, bats and clothes we use to play have developed over time due to technology. If compared to earlier like the 1970s to now, there is a difference of night and day in the equipment we use during sports. Clothes are more sweat absorbent and light whereas they used to be plain cotton apparel earlier. Every type of sport and sporting activity has various kinds of shorts and track pants and even t-shirts. These come in so many types of designs, patterns and colours.

Earlier the materials used in making rackets and bats have changed and they have now advanced and become much better and lighter. For instance, earlier badminton rackets were made of wood which became aluminium which is now carbon fibre. This goes to show the advancement of technology helped in making something lighter and faster.

Wearable technology is one of the latest and most trending thing these days. Smartwatches and smart bands are something you can be sure to find on most if not all athletes. These watches can be quite useful as they record vital information. From things like a stopwatch to measuring heart-rates, smartwatches and bands have them all. You can even see the number of steps you have taken per day and how many calories you have burned. All this information is available to you easily as you can check it on your phone.

With the advancement of technology, the sports industry has gotten quite a boost and will continue to contribute to it as technology is always evolving.

Nidhi Patel