Swimming: Looking For Some Tips That Really Work?

Swimming: Looking For Some Tips That Really Work? We Have Covered A Few! Swimming is one such sport that helps you keep really fit. It is one such sport that is suitable to people of all ages and it doesn’t impact your joints and bones as it is low to the no-impact sport.

It helps in not just being fit, but also in increasing stamina. Swimming is not just a sport. It is a skill one should learn as you never know when it can come handy.

Swimming is also a very good way to feel fresh and relieve stress. 

If you are new to swimming or have just started swimming, then these next few tips can really help you improve your swimming skills.

#1. Pay great attention to your breathing:

While swimming, chances are your focus is not on your breathing as much it is on how you’re swimming. But if you breathe improperly, you can make mistakes in your swimming strokes.

You need to make sure to follow the basics i.e to inhale as your above the water and exhale as you’re underwater.

If you do both, inhale and exhale while your head is out of the water, you will tire faster than usual and your strokes will not be in a certain rhythm.

#2. Focus on arm length:

When you are making a stroke and stretching your arm forward, make sure to reach out as far as possible. This enables you not only twist and turn your body more easily but will help you breathe correctly too. Rolling while swimming will be easier.

#3. Body position:

The position of your body is of great importance while swimming. Your body should always be in a straight line from your head to your hips. While doing the freestyle stroke, that time your body may be horizontal.

If you lift your head above the level of the water, then you will be pushing the water ahead of you and you will notice that your body is starting to sink as unwanted resistance is created.

#4. Toes should be pointed:

It is noticed that the best of swimmers keep their toes pointed while they swim. Flexing or curling the feet can cause drag in the water. In order to be able to point your toes for long, you must ensure that your calves are strong enough. You can do calf targeted exercises at home or in the gym to help you point your toes.

#5. Get yourself recorded:

Getting yourself recorded is the best way for you to analyse what exactly is going wrong and what mistakes you have been making. You will be able to exactly pinpoint your weak areas and work on them. Visual aid is always helpful as you may see something you didn’t realise you were doing wrong.

#6. Utilise your back too:

Do not only use your shoulders and triceps while swimming. You may notice some pain after doing so. Engage your back more specifically your lat muscles as you will see that there is more power in your swimming technique. Engaging those muscles can ensure that you can pull yourself more easily.

Watch this video to guide you as well:

Follow these tips and see a difference in the way you swim.

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Nidhi Patel