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Skipping Breakfast Helps In Working Out Better? Truth Or Myth?

When it comes to whether one should eat or skipping breakfast is fine, especially before a workout, there has been a lot of debate.

Some people are of the opinion that not eating before a workout is better than eating before a workout.

Well, this is what we believe. Eating in the morning is important, especially if you are going to go for a workout. If you just roll out of bed and head to the gym without eating anything, where does your body get any energy to go on and support you throughout that workout?

It is said that if you don’t eat in the morning, you may not feel hungry later on. Even though this sounds so strange, the logic behind this is the stomach is an elastic organ and it expands when you eat and contracts when empty. Elastics have memory and hence the longer it is empty, the longer it will remain contracted.

While the stomach is an elastic organ, keeping it empty isn’t the right way to lose weight. Especially before a workout. 

A study was done with players, some of whom ate before exercising and some of who didn’t. The point of the study was to determine which of the men would be able to perform their workout better.

It was proven that those who ate a meal pre-workout performed way better than the ones who didn’t. Those who skipped their meal weren’t able to reach their peak and even failed at 90% of their maximum capacity.

Eating a good breakfast before is what will give you the energy to do your workout. Carbohydrates before a workout can really help in giving you an energy boost which is needed pre-workout and during a workout. 

Skipping a meal like breakfast before a workout can lead faster fatigue making the person feel weak too.

Skipping a meal like breakfast won’t make you necessarily put on weight. But if you skip breakfast, you will feel more hungry later on in the day especially if you have worked out. Because you are feeling more hungry, you may tend to overeat or reach out to quick and processed foods that will keep you satisfied.

Skipping breakfast may not make a big difference in one’s ordinary life, they still may burn the same amount of calories in a given day. But skipping breakfast for a person who is going to work out in the morning is not recommended at all.

The person will feel hungry and this can affect one’s performance. It is important to eat something small and light that will help you get you through your workout.

If you like to workout in the mornings, make sure you fuel yourself. Starving yourself can do you more harm than good.

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Nidhi Patel