Tennis: 5 Footcare Tips That You Must Know

Looking for tennis footcare tips? Playing a sport like tennis where not just only running is involved, but also twisting, jumping and being on your toes is involved, it can cause our feet to wear out.

If you play tennis frequently you need to protect your feet and the soles of your feet for the many feet related issues that come with playing sports.

When we are playing a sport like tennis which involves running, it is our feet that are carrying our body weight around; hence it is advisable that extra care of the feet are taken.

People who play regularly do often land up with blisters, ulcers, corns, athlete’s foot and even bad odour. But there are ways to protect yourself from these issues.

Tips for foot care:

#1. Always wear the correct shoes/footwear:

Consider the surface you will be playing on too. This matters as shoes are made specifically to these factors. Choosing the wrong shoe can cause friction to be caused while playing which can cause blisters. It could also affect your ankles as they may not be supported as well.

#2. Cleaning and washing your feet:

Keeping them clean and dry will help prevent fungal and bacterial related issues and one can even avoid athlete’s foot. Keeping them unclean can also your feet to smell.

#3. Shoe Hygiene:

In an outdoor sport like tennis where the sun hits directly, we tend to sweat even more. This causes our shoes to get wet with sweat too. Keeping that in mind, over time you reach back home after playing, you must remove your shoes from your bag and keep it out to dry where it will get some air. This will prevent any odours from forming in your shoes and even prevents the growth of unnecessary bacteria.

#4. Take care of your injuries

If you find that you do have a blister on your foot, do not ignore it. Make sure you clean that area thoroughly with an antiseptic. Use the correct dressing for the blister. Try and reduce the pressure from that area by using some sort of tape.

#5. Shoe size

Make sure you are wearing the correct size along with proper socks. Never play without socks as the constant movement will cause friction which will affect your feet and cause ulcers and burning.

Wearing the wrong size can land you in a lot of trouble and pain over time. You can also injure your ankle.

By wearing the right size you can also prevent yourself from facing issues like tennis toe. Tennis toe is basically the repeated banging of the toe as a result of playing. The skin under your toenail will become dark and bloody which can be painful.


Personal health care should be of prime importance while playing an intense sport like tennis. There are ways of keeping ourselves healthy and we should follow them.


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Nidhi Patel