Tennis Beginners: Tips To Remember Before You Buy New Shoes

Tennis is such a sport where the right shoes are very important. The wrong footwear can lead to many problems and injuries. It is therefore very crucial that you choose the right footwear before playing tennis.

By choosing the right shoe you will have a good grip on the ground, you won’t slip, your ankles will be held in place and you will not get any blisters on your feet. You also will be less injury prone.

It can be confusing which brand to chose, or what type of shoe to buy. Beginners tend to chose the absolute basic pairs available. While it is understandable, it can also be a bad choice. This is because the cushion and grip provided may not be of the best quality.

Being a beginner, your footwork and balance will not be as developed as a pro player or even a regular player. Hence it is wise to go in for a pair that is slightly more costly as it will provide the much-needed support.

How to determine your ideal pair of tennis shoes?

#1. Determine the type of surface:

Figure out what type of surface you’ll be playing on: depending on the court of play, tennis shoe soles vary. Every surface requires a special kind of sole that will support the player.

Tennis is played on concrete surfaces, grass, clay and carpet. The harder the surface, the more durable the sole of the shoe should be.

You do get multi-court shoes that will be good for all surfaces too.

#2. Know your foot size:

Never ever buy a pair of shoes that don’t fit you perfectly. There are times beginners get a size bigger just because their size is not available in anything that they preferred. This is very wrong. Buying the wrong size can do a lot of harm. Your ankles will not be supported and that will lead to a fall or twist which will keep you off the court for weeks. Find a shoe that is your perfect fit.

#3. Know your foot type:

This is important for beginners as the earlier you are aware of this, the earlier you can get into the habit of wearing the right shoes to provide the best support. Make sure you know what kind of foot you have. A high arch, low arch or normal are the general types. If you have a high arch, ask for shoes that are designed to fit a high arch. Same with low arched feet. This will keep your feet safe and even comfortable while playing.

#4. Find out what is the best selling at the time:

This can really help you make a decision as people generally do some kind of research before they buy shoes. Finding out what is the best pair at that time in your category/ range and consider it. Make an informed choice.

Tips to remember:

  • Do not use running shoes. Buy tennis specific shoes. Running shoes may not provide the same grips on various types of courts.
  • Do not go on looks. Shoes can be very appealing to people, but safety is more important than design.
  • Measure your shoe size at the shoe shop. This is because your feet could have grown slightly from the last time you checked. Getting the store owner to measure will give him a clearer idea of your size too.


For the best fit follow these points. Remember safety and comfort is very important while playing a sport like Tennis.


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Nidhi Patel