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The Truth About Energy Drinks That You Should Know

Energy drinks are trending right now. Very often you’ll see people consuming energy drinks and these people vary from 16 years to 40 years. Hence there is a big market for these drinks.

Basically, energy drinks are drinks that are marketed and sold as a product that will increase one’s performance by mentally boosting them. Energy drinks are consumed by people who are tired/fatigued but need a boost to go on with their task at hand.

Energy drinks contain ingredients that will help boost your mental energy. Caffeine is one such ingredient that is most prominent in energy drinks. Other ingredients consist of sugar and some herbs that will boost energy. Ingredients like B-12 and amino acid derivatives are also present.

RedBull, Monster, Burn and NOS are few such examples of energy drinks that are out there in the market.

The argument of whether energy drinks are good for you or not is never-ending. Yes, there are stories of young adults drinking Redbull excessively and ending up in the hospital. But what do you expect if someone pounds 8 cans of Redbull every day? It will definitely affect your organs like your heart. This is because it spikes your blood sugar a lot.

While most articles that say energy drinks are bad for you, they focus on stories like the above just mentioned.

Having said that energy drinks aren’t good for you either. But then again, nor is soda or any packaged beverage.

The main reason for this is sugar. Sugar is the slow and silent killer. An increase in consumption of sugar can lead to multiple problems. One is easily at the risk of developing heart illnesses, diabetes and other such life-threatening diseases. 

Of course, caffeine consumption is excess is harmful too. There is only a certain amount of caffeine that should be consumed in a day. That is 400mg. Anything more than that is said to be harmful. Caffeine is classified as a drug and essentially caffeine is in the same category as another drug like cocaine. 

Like other drugs, caffeine too is addictive.

Some people believe that caffeine, sugar, B-12, taurine(amino acid) and ginseng(herbal extract) all in concoction together are bad for you and hence these drinks are bad.

If you really think about it, consuming a can of Redbull is no different than going to Starbucks and getting a big glass of coffee. Both have high sugar and caffeine content. If you consume 8 cups of mochas a day, you are likely to get admitted to the hospital too due to cardiac arrest.

Hence, to be honest, having an energy drink once in a way isn’t “bad” but it isn’t “good” either. It’s like what people always say, anything in moderation is okay.

Are these drinks that bad? Watch this to find out:Â

Anything in excessive amounts is bad for you. The same goes for your consumption of caffeine. If you stick to the permitted amount than it is okay.

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Nidhi Patel