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Wait Wait, ‘Weight Loss’?

Ahhh! I made you click on the link with weight loss…didn’t I?

I was only testing to see how much importance the word ‘weight’ has had in all of our lives.

So this is how the human mind works (according to a woman like me who has a doctorate degree in assumption). Assuming! That we are always curious about anything that can vary our self confidence, I have come to this conclusion that it is not the weight or weight loss that bothers us… but it is the fact that it gets mentioned SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW.

Like me! When I am with myself, I think I look amazing, cloud 9 scenes.

Then I see myself in a picture.

Weight loss is important if you're out of shape!

And that’s that. I bury my self confidence in my palm and moon walk back into the house.

Now the real question is, what have I been doing all this while knowing that I need to get in shape?  I absolutely do not think about it as long as I have to deal with myself. But unfortunately, I need to earn my bread by doing labour that I do not understand for someone who does not want to understand all because my south Indian parents want to give me only rice at dinner.

Then I did a little bit of introspection. I put on weight for various reasons and so do you.

You have only two options.

Do something about it or do something about it. If you have flat foot and think that you cannot run, do yoga or swim. If you can run and you love running, play a sport that makes you want to run behind something, for something or on something it’s really up to you. I’m cool with all the options. I mean it with all sincerity. I would give anything to watch a bunch of men run behind one tiny football. If only they had that much concentration when their mom asks them to buy pudina while going home, THAT they get distracted!

Or choose to get distracted? Never mind, either ways mummy beats them up

We always have a choice, in all matters. ALL

The best thing about being human is that once we make a choice and learn behaviour, we have the option of unlearning it. That is the beauty of our creation. Not all of us know how to embrace that kind of choice. We THINK that living how we presently are, is the only way of life. We do not make the choice of changing it simply because the couch is so damn fluffy. You could sell it on OLX and buy yourself another gift. It’s called ‘CHANGE’. It’s damn cool and all.

While you’re at it, please send me a cheque for great advice

All is well.


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Benazer Sharieff